KRUZ Gets Warm in Fayetteville, AR

Warm 94.9 KRUZ KYNF Fayetteville Kidd Kraddick John Tesh Magic 107.9 KEZA
Cumulus Adult Alternative “KRUZ @ 94.9” KYNF Fayetteville, AR has flipped to AC as “Warm 94.9” putting it in direct competition with Clear Channel’s “Magic 107.9” KEZA.

The format The station has picked up Kidd Kraddick for mornings beginning on Monday, March 26. The rest of the lineup will consist of Kristen in afternoons and John Tesh at night.

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  1. Laurie says

    Guess what – everyone who LOVED what the KRUZ was with their adult alternative format will now stop listening. Why would you want to compete with a currently-successful station when you could DOMINATE the market in your own genre?? There are no adult alternative stations in NWA now. And believe me when I say it’s a huge untapped market.

    Stupid idea, Cumulus – you made a big mistake.

    Plus – in the morning I want to hear local info and news, not Kid Kraddick and his yahoos. I love Kristen – she’s a fresh voice in NWA radio and would almost listen just to hear her in the afternoons. But if you’re going to play soft rock and pop, I’m out.

  2. Jim says

    I just moved from Chicago and the KRUZ was my favorite station on the radio since the move. I won’t listen to the new format (if I did I would just listen to 107.9), so I guess my dial will be stuck on 93.3 the Eagle from now on.

    I didn’t expect the same quality radio as in Chicago, but for a metro area as big as NWA I expected better, especially with the U of A being in the area. With the KRUZ gone, it doesn’t look as if things will be getting better.

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