KLIF Dallas Adds News Blocks

570 KLIF Dallas 820 96.7 WBAP Chris Krok Jeff Bolton Mark Williams Amy ChodroffUpdate 4/10: With the debut of Mike Huckabee, KLIF adjusts its schedule yet again. The morning news block is extended to 11am followed by the first two hours of Mike Huckabee’s new show in a live clearance. Coast To Coast AM is dropped from overnights and is replaced as of now with John Batchelor, whose program will run from 8pm to 4am.

Original Report 3/23: Cumulus Talk 570 KLIF Dallas will add morning and afternoon news blocks to its Talk lineup while shifting its local talk programs to sister 820/96.7 WBAP.

The rebranded “News & Information 570 KLIF” will debut a morning news block from 6 to 10am on Monday, March 26 anchored by WBAP’s Amy Chodroff and Dave Williams, most recently with Merlin’s WIQI Chicago. An afternoon block from 4 to 6pm will debut on Monday, April 2. Glenn Beck remains from 10am to 1pm and Dave Ramsey from 1 to 4pm.

NTS Media reports that KLIF morning host Jeff Bolton is out with the changes while Chris Krok will slide from afternoons on KLIF to an evening slot on WBAP.

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