“Mix 106.7” WMHX Harrisburg, PA Changes The Channel

Citadel Broadcasting’s Classic Hits “Mix 106.7” WMHX Harrisburg, PA flipped to 90s Hits “Channel 106.7” at 2:00pm today. Unlike its recent converts in Baton Rouge and Memphis, Citadel cannot use the “X” moniker for the station due to sister Active Rock “105.7 The X” WQXA.

  1. Anonymous says

    I Have Also Notice That They Have Played Late 80's And Early 2000's I Have Recorded The Flip I Started Recording The Internet Stream At 1:57pm ET I Was Thinking The Flip Was Going To Happen At 5pm But It Happen At 2pm I Should have It Upload Soon At http://jasonharper2009.multiply.com

  2. venter1 says

    It so sucks! They didn't last very long with the good music on. How sad. I guess its back to the River, WRVV again on our radios. We in the office thought it was a storm knocked out the station, but then this awful music and the same radio station that was the good one were together. No warning or anything, just the music all suddenly went down hill!

  3. RWILKINS says

    Your station used to be unique. You blew it….what you had was special, now it’s just another “ho-hum” station. People here at work are buzzing about your change, and it’s sad for sure. Kids don’t even listen to the radio…us older people do and look for the oldies. We still have 96.1 and 97.3 though. Thanks for narrowing the choices.

  4. skypfry550 says

    Mix 106.7 FM used to be my favorite radio station. Classic pop, the best hits, feel good music.

    Now it’s just a bunch of trash, like the other stations.

    So disappointing. I hope the old staff gets together and brings back what they used to have.

    Worst thing to have happened to Harrisburg radio ever.

  5. Pinball1959 says

    WOW, I couldn`t figure out what happen to the station. All I heard was a bunch of garbage music. What used to be the best station in central PA, is now just another trash station. I guess I will go back to The River 97.3 or 96.1. Thanks for nothing!!!!!

  6. KShum765 says

    You know, I used to listen to MIX 106.7 in the morning to get up for work, in the car, and all day at work. The personalities were top notch and a real pleasure to listen to, not to mention the music that was played was outstanding of course! Just an F.Y.I to whoever decided to “flip the switch” and start playing this crap music… YOU SCREWED UP!!! Congratulations on loosing a loyal listener, guess I will be listening to 93.5 WTPA or 97.3 The River. Did it ever occur to you that maybe, just maybe, some of us folks out there don’t care to listen to that crap, and would like to hear some real music?? Best of luck with the switch because I think you just pissed a lot of people off…

  7. myri says

    I agree – it’s terrible! What happened to the best mix?! And Rick and Diane! I was out of town since Friday and just heard the station for the first time this morning in the car and within 5 minutes turned back to 97.3 and took 106.7 out of my programmed stations!

  8. missing 106.7 says

    Can’t stand the new station. What happened to people with taste making these choices. Another button changed on my radio and another deleted site for my work listening.
    Yuck! Yuck! and more Yuck!

  9. melodee says

    Being in education, I just started back to work and thought I was going to listen to great music and I heard a gross rap song and thought something must be wrong. Well, it is. 106.7 won’t be playing on my radio–so sad. Goodbye to a great station!!

  10. Jason B says

    Apparently, they are now country once again. What do you know about it?


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