AAA Approved In Calgary

95.3 The Peak Calgary Jim Pattison The CRTC has approved the applications for a pair of new FM signals in Calgary.

The Jim Pattison Broadcast Group has been approved to launch AAA “95.3 The Peak” to operate as a Class C1 with 36kW. The format as defined in the CRTC application is for “Adult Album Alternative (AAA) music, with a primary focus on new and emerging artists, and a secondary focus on alternative music from the last decade.” The station will offer 40% Canadian content between 6am and 6pm with 126 hours of locally originated programming weekly and 15% of programming dedicated to emerging artists. Pattison operates a similarly formatted “100.5 The Peak” CKPK in Vancouver.

Multicultural Broadcasting Corporation (not related to the similarly named US company) has been granted an ethnic station to operate on 106.7. MBC’s station will operate 1.1kW with programming directed towards 23 cultural groups in 19 different languages. The primary target will be the South Asian community with secondary targets of Filipino, Arabic and Vietnamese communities. 106.7 will have 120 hours of locally originated programming with 50 hours and 24 minutes worth of spoken word programming.

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  1. MattParker says

    Sorry. When I saw the headline my first thought was: Whom do people up there call when they have a flat, the car breaks down or they run out of gas?

  2. Chris says

    Hehehe… We don’t really have “Triple A” up here. Canada has “CAA”… For obvious differences

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