CKIC Winnipeg To Shut Down

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After being told last year by the CRTC that the station would not have its license renewed if it continued to operate with student DJ’s, Cre-Comm Radio will sign-off Alternative “92.9 Kick-FM” CKIC Winnipeg on July 4 at 4:00pm and turn in the station’s license.

The following statement was published on the station’s Facebook page:


92.9 KICK FM went on-air almost 10 years ago with a mandate to provide a radio broadcast training forum for students that resembled, as near as possible, the operation of a commercial radio station. Red River College provided the transmitter and facilities as well as start-up funding, with the goal that the radio station become self sustaining over a period of time. Despite never being able to achieve this, the College continued to fund the station.

As a result of recent changes to CRTC regulations regarding campus and community radio stations, and financial challenges, the Board of Cre-Comm Radio Inc. has decided to discontinue over the air broadcasting effective Wednesday, July 4, 2012 at 4:00pm, and will be returning the current broadcast licence to the CRTC.

Radio training at Red River College will continue uninterrupted, and the plan is for KICK FM to resume streaming in the fall.

The Board of Directors of Cre-Comm Radio Inc. would like to thank Station Manager Rick Baverstock for his dedication, support and contribution to the station from sign-on in December 2003.

The Board and Mr. Baverstock would also like to thank all the student and community volunteers, as well as radio instructors, who have contributed to the radio station over the past 9 ½ years.

Thank you also, to the listeners who have supported the radio station over the years.

Red River College plans on resurrecting Kick-FM online this fall. As of this writing the station is looping the preceding announcement along with Queen’s Radio Gaga, Elvis Costello’s Radio Radio, and Noah And The Whale’s cover of Tom Petty’s The Last DJ.

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