Buckley Bringing Sports To FM in Monterey

Z97.9 Z979 KYZZ Monterey Salinas Don Murray ESPN 97.9 630 KIDD Central CoastA format change is imminent at Buckley Radio Classic Hits “Z97.9” KYZZ Salinas/Monterey CA.

While KYZZ is currently running jockless, sister Sports “630 ESPN” KIDD has begun promoting itself as “97.9 ESPN Central Coast“. 979RadioESPN.com was registered by Buckley for the station’s use yesterday.

  1. Jeremy Andrews says

    They really should stop wasting signals and put something else on the AM frequencies. If they can’t sell it, lease it. Someone else might want some airtime.

    1. MattParker says

      They probably will. After giving current listeners some time to get used to the idea of sports on FM and transitioning over.

    2. johndavis says

      What’s not to say they won’t do something else on the AM after they’ve done the flip?

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