TSN 990 Montreal Moves to 690 Tuesday

TSN Radio 690 990 Team CKGM Montreal Canadiens RDS Radio FierteWhile still broadcasting in English, Bell Media Sports “TSN 990” CKGM Montreal will make the move to 690 on Tuesday, September 4.

The CRTC approved the move of CKGM from 990 to 690 in November 2011. The move upgrades the station from a highly directional 50kw signal to non-directional formerly clear channel (not the company) 690. The 690 frequency was last home to French News “Info 690” prior to that station going dark in January 2010.

The move of CKGM to 690 will pave the way for Evanov to begin preparations to launch its replacement signal on 990. The station is planned to air French language programming directed at Montreal’s Gay and Lesbian community as “Radio Fierte“.

CKGM has a pending application with the CRTC to flip from English Sports to French Sports “RDS 690” in order to enable Bell Media to keep the station following the closure of its merger with Astral Media.

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  1. Nathan Obral (@myronfalwell) says

    I wonder what will happen if Bell is denied the app to flip CKGM to RDS. Obviously they’ve shown they won’t give up either 690 (after all, the flip to French programming would satisfy CTRC ownership limits), and they want Astral’s CJAD.

    But they requested 690 as an English-language signal, citing how much CKGM’s coverage area would be improved upon and satisfying the audience of Habs fans who lost coverage after the rights left CJAD. Not to mention 940 was reassigned as a Francophone signal, effectively giving Montreal two Francophone clear-channel 50 kW signals.

    Because of how Bell got 690 in the first place, it might end up resulting in them losing it outright. (And who out there doesn’t think Cogeco and Tietolman would fight tooth and nail to get it?)

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