Charlotte Doubles Its Praise

Praise 92.7 WQNC 100.9 WPZS My Charlotte Radio-One Yolanda AdamsFollowing the launch of Radio-One’s “Old School 105.3” WNOW-FM, we’ve been waiting for the next show to drop in the company’s makeover of its Charlotte cluster.

At 12am this morning, Urban AC “My 92.7” WQNC gave way to a simulcast of sister Gospel “Praise 100.9” WPZS. While we expect that eventually 100.9 will slide to a new format as both stations have considerable overlap in their reach, this does appear to be a simulcast that will be around for the near term.

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  1. 4-12 says

    I guess 100.9 will battle WPEG soon.

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