KDHT Denver Gets High

Pot 107.1 Amendment 64 Radio KDHT Denver Hot 107 Dance Gina Lee Fuentez Paige NienaberMax Media has dropped the Dance format at Denver rimshot “Hot 107.1” KDHT Bennett, CO.

In its place its “Amendment 64 Radio” better known as “Pot 107.1“, celebrating Colorado legalization of marijuana. The format is the brainchild of Promotions expert Paige Nienaber, who for Max Media was responsible for stunts such as Stripper Radio “101.5 The Pole” in Denver and Chinese Hits “Kung Pao 100.5” in Norfolk.

KDHT shifted from CHR to Dance in March, but has seen its ratings drop off after an early rise. It was down to a 0.6 share in the November monthly after being as high as 1.1 in September. Word is that there have been quite a few staffers let go from KDHT and sister Rhythmic Oldies “Jammin 101.5” KJHM today.

  1. ding101 says

    I wonder what the FCC has to say on the new Branding the “Pot 107.1”

    1. Lance Venta says

      The word Pot is offensive????

      1. ding101 says

        Well Pot is still illegal on the federal level according to the DEA. But Pot is legal as long its in “Medicinal use” prescribed by a doctor in some states as in California Prop 215. So its kind of Wishy washy in terms on where you’re at. Sure I don’t find it offensive but some other places where its not legalized in any level would find it offensive.

        1. Lance Venta says

          And what does that have to do with the FCC’s regulations?

          1. ding101 says


        2. Nathan Obral (@myronfalwell) says

          Geez. It’s just a silly stunt meant to get plenty of free attention, playing off of a timely news story in the state and meant to keep people listening until the new format actually debuts.

          There’s nothing more to it. No way is it offensive or in violation of anything within the FCC.

          Plus there is no shortage of drug-related music throughout the music spectrum, from classic rock to CHR to EDM to country. It is what it is.

  2. KPOT says

    rather lame publicity stunt for a station that no one listens to…. yawn.

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