Cumulus Begins CBS Sports Radio Transitions

SportsRadio CBS Sports Radio ESPN Fox Sports Jim Rome 102.1 Savannah As CBS Sports Radio prepares to debut on January 2, Cumulus has begun the process of rebranding some of their stations away from the ESPN or Fox Sports monikers the stations had been using.

Among the stations rebranding so-far:
ESPN 970” KESP Modesto, CA to “Sportsradio 970

940 ESPN Radio” WINE Brookfield, CT/WPUT Brewster, NY to “Sportsradio 940/1510

ESPN 95.9” WSJZ Sebastian/Melbourne, FL to “Sportsradio 95.9

ESPN 102.1” WZAT Savannah, GA to “Sportsradio 102.1

ESPN Radio 1490” KTOP Topeka, KS to “Sportsradio 1490

Supertalk 1340” KRMD Shreveport/100.7 K264AS Mooringsport, LA to “Sportstalk 100.7

ESPN 96.7” WLLF Mercer, PA/Youngstown, OH to “Sportsradio 96.7

ESPN 1240” WBBW Youngstown, OH to “Sportsradio 1240

95.3 The Score” Creswell/Eugene, OR to “Sportsradio 95.3

ESPN 1400” WHBG/95.3 W237DE Harrisburg, PA to “Sportsradio 95.3/1400

ESPN 1240” WIOV/98.5 W253AC Reading, PA to “Sportsradio 98.5/1240

ESPN 1440” WGLD York, PA to “Sportsradio 1440

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