Blueberry Forms Maine Trimulcast

Big 104 104.3 WABK 104.7 WBAK 107.7 WBKA Augusta Bangor Bar Harbor MaineBlueberry Broadcasting has launched a Classic Hits trimulcast in Maine.

The unique Classic Hits formats at 104.3 WABK-FM Gardiner/Augusta and “Big 104.7” WBAK Belfast/Bangor have been combined as “Big 104 FM“. Recently acquired 107.7 WBQI Bar Harbor becomes the third member of the trimulcast as WBKA.

The Maine Edge reports Mike Dow and Deb Neuman will host mornings on the stations. Dow had been part of the long running “Mike & Mike” show on AC “Kiss 94.5until October.

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  1. Jeff Lehmann says

    Wonder if they’ll finally give the station(s) a website? Any domains registered? By the way, 104.7 by itself was already called “Big 104 FM.” I picked it up during tropo last summer and recorded a couple jingles.

    1. Lance Venta says was registered a few weeks ago. Still a parked page.

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