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Daily Wrap Michael Castner Wall Street Journal Radio NetworkThe Wall Street Journal Radio Network has announced that “The Daily Wrap” with Michael Castner will end in April.

The show was fed live from 6 to 9pm eastern, but recently lost its largest affiliate with the flip of 96.9 WTKK Boston to Rhythmic Hot AC. Its remaining large market clearances were delayed late night spots on Bonneville’s KTAR-FM Phoenix and Clear Channel’s KHOW Denver.

Affiliates have been given 90 day notice regarding the end of the program.

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  1. Laurence Glavin says

    WCCM-AM 1110 in Salem, NH with coverage of some Merrimack Valley, Massachusetts cities, used to pick up the program when daylight saving time kicked in and they stayed on the air well past 5:00 pm. (It’s a daytimer with lower power for 30 minutes after sunset. On election night, it stayed on-the-air for results of contests in its coverage area. It was still broadcasting at about 11:00 pm when I checked, just as the national Presidential nod went to Obama). In previous years, it would pick up the Roger Hedgecock show. The return of daylight saving time isn’t that far away. I wonder what WCCM will do then.

  2. Nathan Obral says

    It was still cleared on KLIF/570 Dallas; in fact, The Daily Wrap was one of a handful of shows that survived a format purge by Cumulus last March.

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