KCPW Salt Lake City Drops NPR Affiliation

88.3 KCPW 105.3 Salt Lake City Morning Edition Fresh Air On Point All Things Considered KUERWasatch Public Media’s 88.3 KCPW Salt Lake City is taking the rare step of dropping its NPR affiliation on Monday, June 24.

The station is taking this step to differentiate its programming from the University of Utah’s 90.1 KUER-FM. In doing so the station will lose Morning Edition, On Point, Fresh Air, and All Things Considered from its daily lineup. All except On Point also air on KUER-FM. The new lineup, which will feature programming from American Public Media, Public Radio International, Public Radio Exchange and the BBC. The new schedule can be seen here.

KCPW CEO Ed Sweeney told the Salt Lake Tribune that the change was based on the inability of the station to raise funds.

It became evident to us that it was harder to convince lenders and underwriters that we were unique in light of the fact that they could hear most of the same programming during daylight hours on KUER,” Sweeney said. “You have to say you are unique. Otherwise [contributors] say ‘Why should we continue to support you?’

Part of the discrepancy comes from signal differences. KCPW-FM is a Class A operating with 2.35kW at -61 meters along with translator 105.3 K287AE Holladay to fill in holes. KUER-FM is a Class C operating with 20.5kW at 1244 meters. KUER-FM registered a 2.3 share in the May PPM monthly, while KCPW-FM garnered a 0.4.

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