Sunny Rises In Memphis

Sunny 1210 WMPS Memphis Radio SuperheroUpdate 11/19: Following the launch of two additional Christmas formats in Memphis, WMPS has added non-Christmas songs to its playlist. Branded as “Adult Classic Music”, the station is playing a mix of Adult Standards, Classic Country, and Oldies. The entire station is being sponsored by the medical practice of station owner Dr. George Flinn.

Original Report 11/11: The AAA “Radio Superhero” format that launched on 1210 WMPS Bartlett/Memphis this summer has proven to be short lived.

Flinn Broadcasting has flipped the station to Christmas Music (for now) with a new identity of “Sunny 1210“. A new format will launch after the holidays.

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  1. oasisrulz says

    I have been listening to this station on line, .its fantastic, great playlist and its on AM, hear that know it all suits and AM music haters. I would love a format like this to surface in Philly on one of the numerous struggleing AM stations with the same jargon. I guess large cities don’t do this type music programming on AM for some wrong reason.

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