Wilkins Acquires Two From Disney

Wilkins Radio 1290 WDZY Richmond 1640 WKSH Milwaukee Christian TalkAffiliates of Wilkins Radio are acquiring two of the recently announced Radio Disney spinoffs.

1290 WDZY Colonial Heights/Richmond, VA is being sold to Richmond Christian Radio Corporation for $250,000. The new group is owned by Jack and Robert Wilkins, the latter of whom is Owner and CEO of Wilkins Radio. Jack Wilkins is the company’s Director of Station Acquisitions.

Within the FCC filing for the WDZY purchase, Wilkins notes that another wholly owned subsidiary or Wilkins Parent Corporation will be applying for the acquisition of 1640 WKSH Sussex/Milwaukee, WI. That deal has yet to be appear in the FCC database.

Wilkins currently operates twenty stations in markets such as Pittsburgh, Kansas City, Mobile, and Pensacola. All of the stations program either a Christian Preaching/Talk or when they own a second station in the market, a Gospel Music format.

Following these sales, the last station left on the Radio Disney spinoff list is 1190 KPHN Kansas City.

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