Dennis Miller Changes Timeslot; Goes Live In Dallas & Kansas City

Dennis Miller Radio Syndication Westwood One Dial Global Cumulus Media 570 KLIF Dallas 710 103.7 KCMO Kansas CityAs the Conservative Talk syndication shuffle continues, Westwood One has announced Dennis Miller will change his live clearance time in 2014.

Now airing from 10am-1pm eastern, Miller’s show will move into the 12-3pm daypart as Westwood One prepares to complete its merger with Cumulus Media Networks. By moving to the new timeslot up against Rush Limbaugh, Miller has been rewarded with live clearances on Cumulus’ 570 KLIF Dallas, 710/103.7 KCMO Kansas City, and others to be announced,

Both KLIF and KCMO has been airing Cumulus’ Mike Huckabee in that timeslot. Will Huckabee be moving to the recently vacated by Geraldo Rivera 9am-12pm eastern slot or are more changes ahead?

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  1. Nathan Obral says

    Note that Cumulus never specifically announced that Huckabee would get Rush’s timeslot on WABC. It’s always been an assumption, but a generally well-founded one, as they were really pushing for Huckabee in many small markets and on their own talk outlets.

    It almost sounds to me – concurrent with the Geraldo move at WABC – that Cumulus may just place Dennis Miller in the 12-3 slot on WABC come January 2014, and Huckabee may be in the process of drawing down his radio show back to his long-form commentaries.

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