CBS Makes Pre-Holiday Layoffs In Multiple Markets

CBS Radio 93.7 The Fan KDKA-FM Pittsburgh Vinnie Richici Paul Alexander Update 12/30: More cuts have come to a few CBS clusters.

In Chicago, two veteran air-personalities are out. Robert Feder reports that AAA 93.1 WXRT night host Tom Marker has had his position elimnated after 33 years at the station. At sister Country 99.5 WUSN, midday host Trish Biondo didn’t have her contract renewed after 27 years at the station.

At Alternative “Live 105” KITS San Francisco, Steve Masters is out of mornings after just 9 months. And in Washington, Hot AC “94.7 Fresh-FM” WIAD loses middayer Kristie McIntyre.

Update 12/18: The end of the year has led to job cuts at multiple CBS clusters.

Add veteran News 780 WBBM reporter Steve Granich to the list of people out in Chicago.

Sports “93.7 The Fan” KDKA-FM has set a few lineup changes following its cuts earlier in the week. Former Pittsburgh Steelers Punter Josh Miller will move from afternoons to mornings joining incumbent Gregg Giannotti and update anchor Jim Colony. Chris Mueller and Joe Starkey will remain in afternoons, while night host Andrew Fillipponi will move to middays to join Ron Cook. Colin Dunlap will move from 10pm-2am to 6pm-10pm.

Meanwhile in Houston, afternoon co-host Josh Innes is teasing that his departure from Sports 610 KILT could be imminent.

Original Report 12/17: At Sports “93.7 The Fan” KDKA-FM Pittsburgh morning co-host Paul Alexander and midday co-host Vinnie Richici are both out according to Bob Smizik of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. adds that 1020 KDKA reporter Adam Kirk was also let go.

In Chicago, Robert Feder reports that four sales staffers have been let go, with an additional two cuts coming before the end of the year. states that “B96” WBBM-FM imaging director Michael Horn departed after 19 years with the station. notes that four staffers were let go in Los Angeles last week following year-end budgetary reviews. Among the cuts in the market were KRTH morning newscaster Bob Malik, KNX traffic reporter Tommy Jaxson, as well as one member of the traffic/continuity department and one engineer.

In Atlanta, Rodney Ho of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that Crash Clark and Kendra G of Urban “V103” WVEE’s Ryan Cameron morning show have exited.

Also let go last week was Rhythmic 95.5 WPGC Washington, DC PD Jason Kidd.

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  1. MattParker says

    Any word from Philly? Strange that it would get left out.

  2. BC says

    um, happy holidays! guess it could be worse, i kind of take back what i said last week about the year ending on a positive note. I have a hunch Jason Kidd will bounce back, he’s good people. I didn’t realize this was a lay off for him, i love how the mainstream trades say exiting, not laid off, or fired. I hope jason ends up back on air at his next gig if there is one! but back to the definition of “exiting” if i say I’m going to exit somewhere, it usually implies that it’s by choice. politically correct terms aren’t flattering to those who are actually wondering what the heck is going on. ok, now I’m exiting!

  3. Mike704 says

    It’s cold to lay off people at this time of year. I agree on exiting, much too kind a word for something that sucks. How about “Happy Holiday Severance Packages: going out to……….

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