Smooth Jazz Launches In Walla Walla

Smooth Jazz 94.5 Walla Walla K233CJ KZIU HD3Alexandra Communications has launched “Smooth Jazz 94.5” K233CJ College Place, WA via KZIU-HD3 Weston, OR.

Utilizing programming from Broadcast Architecture’s Smooth Jazz Network, the translator covers greater Walla Walla with 250 watts at 326.9 meters, a height that gives it coverage comparable to a full power Class A signal.

  1. marinocity says

    That’s a rarity, a new smooth jazz station, noted in my previous tweet.

  2. chrisbubb says

    Also worth nothing is that KZIU is the former KUJJ, which aired the same format prior to December 2011.

  3. chrisbubb says

    Worth *noting* – typo there.

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