Don Geronimo Launches Subscription Podcast

Don Geronimo Podcast RELM Network Drew Hoffar Buzz BurbankJoining the likes of Steve Dahl and Tom Leykis, who made the jump from successful FM Talk shows to internet broadcasting, Don Geronimo has announced he will launch a daily stream and podcast on in April.

The program will debut on April 1 and feature Geronimo along with co-host Drew Hoffar, Joe Ardinger and features regular appearances by Buzz Burbank, who was a part of the Don & Mike show on WJFK Washington and is a partner in the RELM Network along with Marc Ronick and Lowell Melser. Hoffar and Ardinger were part of Geronimo’s most recent show at KHTK Sacramento.

The move to a streaming/podcast platform will have Geronimo follow former on-air partner Mike O’Meara who made a similar move in 2009 after exiting CBS’ WJFK Washington himself.

Legendary broadcaster Don Geronimo will launch his latest (and greatest) show, days from now, on the world’s fastest-growing podcast outlet, The RELM Network.

The Don Geronimo Show will be presented live, Monday through Friday, starting in early April, at The exact launch date will be announced soon. A recorded version of the show will be available on that website, shortly after each live show ends.

The cast includes Don Geronimo, co-host Drew Hoffar, their sidekick, Joe Ardinger and features regular appearances by longtime pal and newsman Buzz Burbank.

The show will be available by subscription only—in monthly, quarterly and annual packages, with a discount for early subscribers. Details are available at

As changes in the radio industry continue to disappoint listeners, Geronimo looks forward to doing the show he’s always wanted to do, without interference from corporate radio executives or the FCC rules that quashed the medium’s spontaneity and fun.

Longtime listeners especially won’t want to miss the show’s opening week, in which Geronimo will talk about the events that—and people who—led him to do this podcast.

“Fun, laughs and paybacks,” Geronimo tweeted recently.

Burbank, who will panel on the show and bring bits of his news, worked with Geronimo nearly thirty years in their days at CBS Radio. Burbank will continue his daily newscast at He is a partner in, and co-founder of, The RELM Network, along with Marc Ronick and Lowell Melser.

With the addition of The Don Geronimo Show, The RELM Network now features 17 shows, including Buzz Burbank News and Comment, The Kirk McEwen Show, The Marc & Lowell Show, plus shows focusing on gaming, the arts, interviews, sports, politics—left and right—and more at

RELM plans continued growth, adding even more broadcast favorites, and promising new talent, with a focus on diversity.

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  1. BC says

    what do don, Tom, and Steve have in common? Yes its the obvious answer, they all transitioned to podcasting from some sort of cbs talk outlet. I scrutinize every company with a fare eye, and cbs’s biggest problem is that it has only created enough digital initiative to please clients, but their digital platforms don’t offer other incentives to the listeners such as podcasting. so cbs, ironically a part of viacom, which had a lot to do with mtv. This lead to a song called video killed the radio star, and now its podcasting killed the the radio talk star. that is unless you know how to turn up your hearing aids after having your ears beaten by people who want to blame obama for all their problems including the broken washing machine, but I digress. Don would be smart to at least incentivize new listeners to even give it a chance, by offering the first week of podcasts free.

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