Jack-FM Denver Is X’d Out

107X 107.1 Jack JackFM KDHT Denver Uncle NastyFor the second time the Jack-FM brand has exited Denver as Max Media flips 107.1 KDHT Bennett, CO to Classic Alternative “107X“.

Telling Westword that the station is “a wedge directly between KTCL and KBPI,” Program Director Brian DeGrasse states, “Jack FM just wasn’t doing it for us. We did a little market research and the programming people who work here in the building decided to form a station that plays classic alternative.” The station is focusing its playlist on songs from 1990 through 2010.

Launching jockless with 5000 songs commercial-free through April 7, KDHT intends to utilize a service to allow all of the music to be selected by the listener. Former 106.7 KBPI afternoon host Greg ‘Uncle Nasty’ Stone, who joined Jack-FM last April will remain in that timeslot with the new format.

KDHT had become the second station in Denver to utilize the Jack-FM format and branding in December 2012 following an earlier flip at 105.5 KJAC.

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  1. Is the signal that bad there? Nothing seems to work there. I swear their sister station had a similar format before going talk, and later returning the late Jammin’ 92.5 format. I think they did Neo-Standards as well. I’ve heard both of these signals via E-Skip a few times.

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