FCC AM Auction Complete

FCC AM Auction 84 1500 Los Angeles 1700 New YorkAfter six days of bidding, 5he FCC’s auction of 22 Construction Permits for new AM signals is now complete.

Of the 22 stations available, only 10 received bids from the 17 qualified bidders over 34 rounds. The FCC gained $891,500 from the auction of the ten stations.

With a $409,000 bid in the 32nd round, The Levine/Schwab Partnership gains 1500 in Culver City, CA. The Los Angeles market station will operate with 25kW daytime and 1kW nights. Their bid beat a competing attempt from Royce International, who had been attempting to get their former 1500 KRCK Burbank relicensed and built in Culver City since the mid-80’s.

$409,000 also gives Alexander Communications a CP to relocate its 1300 WRCR Spring Valley to Ramapo with 10kW daytime and 1kW nights. Alexander beat out a competing bid from Polnet Communications after 28 rounds of bidding.

L Topaz Enterprises bid $10,000 for 1540 Enterprise/Las Vegas, NV. The station will run with 30kW daytime and 400 watts night.

A $5000 bid allows Genesis Communications to relocate 1080 WHOO Kissimmee/Orlando, FL to Winter Park with an increase to 27kW days, 4kW critical hours, and 2kW nights.

For $5000, Edward Schoeber was the sole bidder for 850 in Enola PA, just across the Susquehanna River from Harrisburg. The station will operate with 2.5kW daytime and 2kW nights.

A $9400 bid gains Austin R. Kennedy 1450 in Montoursville, PA. The station will serve the Williamsport market with 1kW.

La Favorita Broadcasting wins 1470 in Coalinga, CA with 250 watts for $2900.

Bott Radio Network wins 1130 Ravenna, NE for $4700. The station will operate with 12kW day, 3kW critical hours, and 600 watts at night.

Jerrold Lundquist’s Chaparral Broadcasting wins 1490 in Bozeman, MT for $2500 with 1kW around the clock.

1200 in the Anchorage, AK market goes to Steve King for $34,000. The station will be licensed to Chugiak with 50kW day and 30kW night.

Among the facilities receiving zero bids were 3 additional applications in the Las Vegas market as well as proposed stations to serve Charlottesville, Flagstaff, Norfolk, and Reno.

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