Blake Debuts In Muncie

96.7 Blake FM BlakeFM WMQX Anderson Muncie Woof Boom Max 93.5 WMXQWoof Boom Radio has broken up the Classic Rock “Max” simulcast in Muncie, IN.

Max will remain on 93.5 WMXQ Hartford City, while 96.7 WMQX Alexandria has flipped to Country “96.7 Blake-FM“. WMQX rimshots Muncie from the west, while serving the area around Anderson, IN northeast of Indianapolis.

Woof Boom describes the new format on its website as:

Blake is a trend setter with the best taste in music, which suits him well in the radio business. He believes that radio is more important than algebra, but calling your mother once a week is more important than BOTH. Blake was voted “Most Likely to Succeed” his senior year at every high school in the surrounding area. He is the kind of guy any self respecting girl wants to marry and every guy wants to have a beer with. Right from the start, Blake knows you will realize that his station is all about NEW country music and playing it fast and hard. Plus, Blake can more than pull off a pair of blue jeans-that’s just science!

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