More Fun At The Jersey Shore

Fun 107.1 WWZY Long Branch 99.7 WBHX Tuckerton Breeze Pork Roll EggsPress Communications Hot AC “107.1 FM” WWZY Long Branch/99.7 WBHX Tuckerton, NJ once again has a name.

The stations have rebranded today as “Fun 107.1” positioned as “More Music, More Fun”. The stations had dropped their previousBreeze” moniker in April 2013 along with a shift of the then-AC to a more current/recurrent presentation.

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  1. Jack Bayes says

    you mean it’s no longer “a music radio station”? that’s a shame.

  2. Mike (former Myke25 on RD) says

    i thought the whole point of FUN was to be, well, fun…?

    this station is going through a bigger identity crisis than a schizophrenic on their worst day.

  3. Towerclimber31 says

    Fun 107.1- Shades of the old WZFM 107.1 in Briarcliff Manor/White Plains in the late 80’s.

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