More Fun At The Jersey Shore

Fun 107.1 WWZY Long Branch 99.7 WBHX Tuckerton Breeze Pork Roll EggsPress Communications Hot AC “107.1 FM” WWZY Long Branch/99.7 WBHX Tuckerton, NJ once again has a name.

The stations have rebranded today as “Fun 107.1” positioned as “More Music, More Fun”. The stations had dropped their previousBreeze” moniker in April 2013 along with a shift of the then-AC to a more current/recurrent presentation.

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Lance Venta is the Owner and Publisher of and a consultant for RadioBB Networks specializing in integration of radio and the internet. Lance has two decades of experience tracking the audio industry and its use of digital platforms.


  1. you mean it’s no longer “a music radio station”? that’s a shame.

  2. i thought the whole point of FUN was to be, well, fun…?

    this station is going through a bigger identity crisis than a schizophrenic on their worst day.

  3. Fun 107.1- Shades of the old WZFM 107.1 in Briarcliff Manor/White Plains in the late 80’s.

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