KIKO-FM Returns With Oldies

Good Time Oldies 97.3 KIKO-FM Claypool Phoenix Globe 1TV.comAfter being silent for a few months,’s 97.3 KIKO-FM Claypool, AZ has returned to the air as “Oldies 97.3“.

Positioning itself against CBS Classic Hits 94.5 KOOL-FM as the only station playing mostly 60s music, the station is targeting the nearby Phoenix market which it rimshots from the east (Coverage Map).

Before going silent KIKO-FM simulcast Comedy “Funny 1260” KBSZ Apache Junction/96.1 K241BQ Fort McDowell.

  1. Dr. Akbar says

    Rimshot? More like a longshot to hit Phoenix. Their playlist will definitely appeal to KOOL listeners over the age of 65,..if they can pick up the station at all. Our hunch is 1TV may have a buyer on the hook who wants to drive the signal. That frequency has been off the air for some time now.

  2. Christian says

    97.3, at 670 watts from near Globe (but HAAT is over 3,000 feet), might be doable in Apache Junction, Queen Creek, and parts of Mesa, Gilbert, and Chandler. 97.5 hurts any chances of hearing it north/west of downtown Phoenix.

  3. Tanim Hussain says

    Who needs KIKO when you have The Lumberyard?!?

    1. Dr. Akbar says

      Last time Nurse Jeff and I checked, the Globe AM station was doing worn out oldies as well. Some of those songs (especially most Phil Spector’s) sound better on Ancient Modulation. But hey, if they think their 670 watts is competitive against KOOL’s 100kw, then who are Los Buckeye Boyz to question them?


  4. TacticalThunder says

    If the station is on, I would pick it up. I’m in Downtown Mesa. The Station hasn’t returned to the air, yet.

    1. johndavis says

      I’m not sure if it throws enough out to get into Mesa or not. The pattern is more to the east of Mesa than the original KIKO-FM ever was. Of course, 100.3 was a better signal for a move-in to begin with. That’s why Shoecraft sold it back when he was alive and built a new KIKO-FM that pretty much covered Globe/Miami and not much else before it was shuffled around to let someone else move in.

      1. TacticalThunder says

        The signal does get into Mesa, I’m downtown. And I’ve driven from here, down to Florence recently and the signal was obviously cleaner the further east I went. When I first moved back to Mesa, KIKO FM was running the same Satellite feed KPPV runs up in Prescott. I’ve been following you Radio folks for a number of years, just never posted anything before.

  5. johndavis says

    Hang on, I’m still laughing. You want to take on KOOL with 670 watts out of Globe?


    Okay. History lesson. Last time somebody tried this was KRIM 104.3 out of Payson. Even with 99.3 cranking out 250 watts of pow-pow-power from Shaw Butte nobody listened to them.

  6. radioresearcher says

    I live 4 miles from the 96.1 translator and I can’t pick it up in the house… The 97.3 is usually within earshot in the car in East Mesa… but they simulcast for a while. Wonder if its running at not full power.

  7. TacticalThunder says

    I don’t know what the technical term is, but out on the S.B. 202 on Friday, I tried it, and there is a Signal from that frequency, Sort of like the light is on but no one is home, and it’s in Mono. No Stereo light.

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