Curtis Media Continues To Accumulate NC Translators

Curtis Media Eastern Airwaves 104.7 Raleigh Durham Greensboro 100.3 CharlotteCurtis Media’s Eastern Airwaves subsidiary is continuing to accumulate translators across North Carolina.

In two deals announced this week, Eastern Airwaves will acquire four translators from Wake Forest University while making a one for two swap with Educational Media Foundation.

In the Wake Forest deal, Eastern Airwaves will acquire 104.7 W284BN Greensboro, and the Construction Permits for 94.5 W233BY, 96.5 W243DH, and 99.5 W258CL all in Boone for $190,000. W284BN is licensed to operate with 13 watts at 103.3 meters and will rebroadcast Sports 1320 WCOG Greensboro (Coverage Map). W233BY will operate with 30 watts at 402.8 meters rebroadcasting News/Talk 1200 WXIT Blowing Ridge (Coverage Map). W243DH will operate with 2 watts at 407.8 meters rebroadcasting News/Talk 1450 WATA Boone (Coverage Map). W258CL will operate with 10 watts at 309.6 meters rebroadcasting Classic Hits 100.7 WZJS Banner Elk (Coverage Map).

In a deal not yet filed with the FCC, Eastern Airwaves is also swapping 100.3 W262BM Charlotte to Educational Media Foundation for the CPs for 104.7 W284CP Durham and 104.7 W284CD Rolesville/Raleigh. Both W284CD and W284CP are currently licensed to rebroadcast Clear Channel’s 93.9 WNCB Cary. W284CD will operate with 190 watts at 55.6 meters (Coverage Map), while W284CP will operate with 250 watts at 82 meters (Coverage Map).

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