FCC Applications 9/11: Clear Channel Finalizing DC Translator Move-In

Translator Moves

FCC Update Translator Construction Permit ApplicationsFor the past several months we’ve watched Clear Channel take steps to move 94.3 W232CB Frederick, MD down I-270 towards Washington, DC. Most recently it gained a Construction Permit to move to 104.9 licensed to Rockville with 250 watts at 112 meters.

Now Clear Channel has applied for what will likely be the final move for the translator seeking to change city of license to Washington, DC itself on 104.7 with 75 watts at 229 meters rebroadcasting 101.1 WWDC-HD2. The directional signal will cover all of the District, and adjacent suburbs in Montgomery County, MD and Fairfax County, VA (Coverage Map).

Woman’s World Broadcasting (LMA’d to Cox Media) Alternative “X107.1” W296BB Jonesboro, GA from the tower of 98.5 WSB-FM Atlanta to Stone Mountain where it will operate with 250 watts at 313 meters while continuing to rebroadcast 98.5 WSB-HD3 (Coverage Map).

Cromwell Broadcasting Gospel “102.1 The Light” W271AB Nashville seeks to move to 101.5 with an increase to 250 watts at 248 meters (Coverage Map). The translator will continue to rebroadcast 102.5 WPRT-HD2 Pegram.

Educational Media Foundation applies to boost 101.9 W270CD Jacksonville Beach, FL from 38 watts at 70.9 meters to 118 watts at 258 meters rebroadcasting soon to be sister 1220 WJAX Jacksonville (Coverage Map).

Charles Anderson proposes relocating his CP for 92.9 W225BU Elizabethtown, KY to 93.5 in Fairdale with 250 watts at 191 meters pointed directly towards Louisville. The translator will rebroadcast Clear Channel’s 93.1 WTFX-FM Clarksville, IN (Coverage Map).

Salem’s CP for 103.1 W276CR Bradenton, FL seeks to modify its output from 8 watts at 51.1 meters to 15 watts at 39 meters rebroadcasting Bible Broadcasting’s 91.9 WYFO Lakeland (Coverage Map).

Clear Channel’s pending acquisition 94.9 K235CD Omaha applies to increase to from 50 watts 110 watts at 181 meters rebroadcasting 96.1 KISO-HD2 (Coverage Map).

Also in Omaha, Educational Media Foundation applies to modify 104.9 K285GP Millard, NE from 99 watts at 187 meters to 70 watts at 311 meters rebroadcasting a subchannel of Clear Channel’s 93.3 KFFF Bennington (Coverage Map).

Sunrise Broadcasting’s pending purchase of 94.5 W233BM Beacon, NY seeks an increase from 7 watts at 327.8 meters to 60 watts rebroadcasting an HD subchannel of 103.1 WJGK Newburgh (Coverage Map).

The Raftt Corporation’s pending acquisition of 106.1 K291CE Rosenburg, TX rescinds its application to move towards Sugar Land with a new proposal to operate with 250 watts at 91 meters (Coverage Map). Correction: K291CE’s new application was to correct the coordinates of its currently licensed facility.

Virginia Tech University seeks to modify its CP for 102.9 W275CD Vinton/Roanoke, VA from 99 watts at -58.5 meters to 48 watts at 125 meters (Coverage Map).

Triad Family Network’s 105.9 W290CJ Liberty, NC applies to move to Asheboro with 250 watts at 182 meters rebroadcasting Randolph Broadcasting’s Country 1260 WKXR (Coverage Map).

Bible Broadcasting Network rescinds its application to relocate 103.7 W279CQ Boone, NC to 89.1 and instead seeks to move to 102.7 with 10 watts at 414 meters (Coverage Map). BBN also seeks to move 91.3 K217FD Pineville, LA to Alexandria with 250 watts at 95 meters (Coverage Map)

Metroplex Communications holds a CP to move 105.1 W286AJ Jerseyville, IL to 94.3. Now it seeks to relocate it to Alton, IL with 200 watts at 163 meters rebroadcasting 89.9 WLCA Godfrey (Coverage Map).

Cameron Broadcasting seeks to increase 106.7 K294BU Kingman, AZ to 250 watts at 1099 meters rebroadcasting 97.9 KLUK Needles, CA (Coverage Map).

Sun Valley Radio is modifying three of its translators in Northern Utah. 97.1 K246AW Hyde Park applies to relocate to 107.7 with 190 watts at 322 meters rebroadcasting 95.9 KLZK Weston, ID (Coverage Map). 97.9 K250AV Laketown seeks 97.3 in Amalga with 250 watts at 45 meters rebroadcasting KLZK (Coverage Map). 100.3 K262CA Richmond applies to move to 100.9 with 250 watts at 34 meters rebroadcasting 94.5 KVFX Logan (Coverage Map).


Way Media sells 97.1 W246CM Double Springs, TN to Peg Broadcasting for $20,000. Peg will rebroadcast Way’s 89.9 WAYW New Johnsonville, TN

Wildcatter Wireless sells 106.1 K291CF South Padre Island, TX to Christian Ministries of the Valley for $30,000. K291CF will rebroadcast 105.7 KBIC Raymondville.

Educational Media Foundation is trading 88.1 KRNZ Gonzalez, TX to Marantha Church of Laredo while receiving 92.7 K224EH Victoria, TX from Wendolynn Telez.

Florida Public Radio sells 88.1 KRTT Great Bend, KS to Divine Mercy Radio for $62,900.

Moody Bible Institute acquires 94.7 K234AD Enterprise, OR from Rural Oregon Wireless TV for $1 to rebroadcast 107.9 KMBI-FM Spokane, WA.

Four Corners Broadcasting sells 104.9 K285AN Monticello-Blanding, UT to Southwest Colorado Television Translator Broadcasting for $1500.

Mark Snow sells 107.3 W297BJ Mt. Olive/Tuscaloosa, AL to TTI, Inc. for $10.

Call Letter Changes

88.5 KTDU Durango, CO -> KLCQ
88.7 KQSC Santa Barbara, CA -> KDRW-FM
92.7 WBGA St. Simons Island, GA -> WMOG
95.1 KVIB Sun City West, AZ -> KOAI
96.5 WYJK-FM Moundsville, WV -> WRQY
96.7 WUJM Gulfport, MS -> WGBL
1490 WMOG Brunswick, GA -> WBGA

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  1. johndavis says

    It does not appear that K291CE Rosenberg is abandoning its application to move to the Senior Road tower farm. That app still shows up as accepted for filing.

    From today’s application:



    Looks like they’re minding their P’s & Q’s to fix the coordinates for what is currently on the air.

    Interestingly, today’s app says the station is to rebroadcast KQVI, a non-comm in Cedar Lake, TX. It is unclear what AM or FM station the current programming on K291CE is being carried on, which is a mix of soft AC, high school sports, and sponsor messages.

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