Los Angeles Dodgers Renew With KLAC; Take Equity Stake

Los Angeles Dodgers 570 KLAC Los Angeles Vin Scully 2015iHeartMedia and the Los Angeles Dodgers have agreed to a new multiyear agreement to renew their radio broadcast rights for the team’s games on 570 KLAC Los Angeles.

The new agreement covers rights to all regular season and postseason games as well as select spring training games. KLAC will also continue to air “Dodger Talk” with Kevin Kennedy, David Vassegh and Jorge Jarrin before and after each game. KLAC and the Dodgers will work to collaborate on additional programming. Vin Scully intends to return in 2015 for his 66th season broadcasting the Dodgers. The first three innings he broadcasts are simulcast on radio and television before Charlie Steiner and Rick Monday takeover the rest of the radio broadcasts.

The deal will also see the Dodgers ownership group take an equity stake in KLAC. No further details were revealed other than that the deal would be subject to Major League Baseball approval.

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  1. John Unrath says

    Considering the current state of AM (as indicated by other posts on this board) I hope the Dodgers got it at a bargain. ‘Equity Stake ???’. They probably could have bought the whole station.

  2. Dr. Akbar says

    Equity at Clear Channel….er, I ? Media? Shirley, you jest! Maybe the Dodgers take ownership of the coffee vending machine in the employee lounge. At least that’s got positive cash flow!

  3. K.M. Richards says

    Maybe they can find a way to make KLAC non-receivable to three-quarters of the market, to match their television deal.

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