FCC Applications 10/5: Translator On The Move Into Austin

Station Moves

FCC Update Translator Construction Permit ApplicationsBeasley (Soon to be CBS) Sports 560 WQAM Miami has applied to relocate to the tower of Salem’s 1450 WOCN. The owners of the station’s tower site on Virginia Key notified WQAM and co-tenant 1360 WKAT earlier this year that their leases will not be renewed. At the new site where WQAM will join WKAT and WOCN it will drop its daytime power from its current 5kW to 4.1kW. Nighttime power will remain at 1kW.

Cumulus AC “Sunny 97.5” WWSN Whitehall/Muskegon, MI applies to increase from 1.7kW at 130 meters to 3kW at 134.2 meters (Coverage Map).

Charles Crawford applies for a major change for his CP for 95.9 in Sonora, TX. The station seeks to increase from a Class A to C3 in Cristoval where it will serve the San Angelo market with 25kW at 48 meters (Coverage Map).

Marie Whitehead’s 97.7 KWRW Rusk, TX applies to relocate to Troup with 13kW at 122 meters where it will cover the Tyler/Longview market (Coverage Map).

With its CP about to expire, Holy Family Communications’ 107.1 WHFV Shenandoah, VA applies for lesser facilities with 330 watts at -64.9 meters in order to get the station on the air before it expires (Coverage Map).

Rey-Cel Broadcasting’s CHR “Mix 105.5” KPMW Haliimaile, HI applies to increase power from a Class C3 9kW to a C2 with 21kW, while remaining at 165 meters (Coverage Map).

Randy Michaels’ Radioactive LLC proposes to boost 107.1 WNMR Dannemora/Plattsburgh, NY applies to increase from 1kW at 84 meters to 6kW at 99 meters to enhance its coverage into Burlington, VT (Coverage Map).

90.3 WAMC-FM Albany, NY has applied for a booster in Florence, MA. WAMC-FM-1’s 280 watts at 58 meters signal will cover the area around Amherst and Northhampton.

Translator Moves

Windy City Broadcasting applies to move their CP for 103.9 W280EM Chicago from the Willis Tower to the John Hancock Center with 15 watts at 355 meters. The application states that “Vocalo” 91.5 WBEZ-HD2 will be the originating station (Coverage Map).

In what will have to be the first step of a multi-step move, Charles Crawford applies to move 93.5 W228CR Miami to 94.1 with 250 watts at 28 meters rebroadcasting iHeartMedia’s 93.9 WMIA Miami Beach. 93.5 is already crowded in the market with iHM operating “Evolution 93.5” W228BY Miami and “93.5 The Bull” W228BV Fort Lauderdale. By applying to operate on an adjacent frequency of WMIA-FM contour overlap is permitted until the CP is built-out and a new facility can be applied for (Coverage Map).

Frank McCoy’s 97.3 K247CB Lockhart, TX has applied to relocate to 97.5 in Austin where it will operate with 250 watts at 395 meters from the West Lake Hills tower farm rebroadcasting EMF’s 92.5 KVLR Sunset Valley with a null to the north to protect iHeartMedia’s 97.5 KWTX Waco (Coverage Map).

Educational Media Foundation’s recently acquired 100.3 W262BM Charlotte, NC applies to increase to 250 watts at 121 meters rebroadcasting Clear Channel’s 96.1 WHQC Shelby (Coverage Map).

Concurrently the two translators Curtis Media’s Eastern Airwaves acquired in exchange for W262BM are seeking modifications. 104.7 W284CP Durham will shift to Raleigh with 99 watts at 185 meters (Coverage Map). 104.7 W284CD Rolesville will move to Youngsville with 250 watts at 121 meters (Coverage Map). Both will rebroadcast Curtis Media’s 94.7 WQDR-FM Raleigh.

Educational Media Foundation is seeking to upgrade translators in two markets on behalf of iHeartMedia. 102.3 W272BY Cincinnati seeks to modify to 87 watts at 251 meters where it will shift from rebroadcasting EMF’s 104.3 WNLT Delhi Hills to iHeart’s 102.7 WEBN Cincinnati (Coverage Map). The CP for 99.9 W260CH Albany, NY applies to increase to 250 watts at 100 meters rebroadcasting 99.5 WRVE-HD2 (Coverage Map).

EMF’s 101.7 W269AS Carlisle, PA applies to increase to 160 watts at 304 meters rebroadcasting iHeart’s 99.3 WHKF Harrisburg (Coverage Map). That application was prepared by EMF and will likely air one of their Christian networks.

In the eastern fringes of Dallas, Gospel Broadcasting Network’s 101.5 K268CL Garland, TX applies to increase to 250 watts at 46 meters rebroadcasting 91.1 KGPF Sulpher Springs (Coverage Map).

After its displacement application to relocate to 103.1 was dismissed, Ondas de Vida Network’s 94.7 K234BS Las Vegas instead applies to drop power from 250 watts at -8.1 meters to 50 watts at 110 meters (Coverage Map). It’ll continue to rebroadcast 89.1 KODV Barstow, CA.

Unable to build its current CP, Delmarva Educational Association’s 107.7 W299BL Jacksonville, FL has filed an STA to go silent and applied to relocate to 107.9 with 250 watts at 253 meters contingent on the approval of last week’s application to shift 107.9 W300AS Orange Park to 97.3. W299BL will rebroadcast Conservative Talk 600 WBOB Jacksonville (Coverage Map)

Radio Training Network’s 92.1 W221CI Summerville, SC applies to increase to 200 watts at 78 meters rebroadcasting 100.5 WALC Charleston (Coverage Map).

With its Construction Permit set to expire on October 6, Connecticut Public Broadcasting applied and received quick authorization to modify 89.1 W206BW Westville/New Haven, CT to change its antenna type and height. It will operate with 10 watts at 113 meters rebroadcasting 89.1 WPKT Norwich (Coverage Map).

Up the road in Hartford, Revival Christian Ministries 100.1 W261BU Talcottville seeks to modify its facility from 99 watts at 1.1 meters to 27 watts at 59 meters rebroadcasting 89.1 WSGG Norfolk (Coverage Map).

South Sound Broadcasting is modifying two of its translators near Tacoma, WA. 102.1 K271CD Sumner will shift to 101.9 with 3 watts at -36 meters (Coverage Map), while 102.1 K271BS Auburn increases to 200 watts at 119 meters (Coverage Map). Both translators will continue to rebroadcast News 97.7 KOMO-FM Oakville.

With its CP to relocate to 106.3 in Astoria, OR expiring unbuilt, Calvary Chapel of Twin Falls’ 89.1 K206CL Chinook, WA now applies to remain in Chinook on 89.3 with 15.5 watts at 303 meters (Coverage Map).

Rocket Radio Corporation applies to modify 96.9 K245BI Tuba City, AZ to scrap its move to 97.5 and instead shift to 97.1 with 19 watts at 546 meters rebroadcasting 100.1 KVNA-FM Flagstaff (Coverage Map).

Community Education Foundation’s 102.7 K274CQ Mesquite, NV applies to increase to 250 watts at 560 meters rebroadcasting Nevada Public Radio’s 90.3 KSGU St. George, UT (Coverage Map).

Great Plains Christian Radio’s 100.9 K265DY Ness City, KS proposes a move to 101.1 with no change to its 170 watts at 74.3 meters facility rebroadcasting 99.1 KJIL Copeland.

Antonio Delgado applies to move 107.3 K297BL Corsicana, TX to 96.7 with 250 watts at 167 meters rebroadcasting CBS’ 105.3 KRLD-FM Dallas (Coverage Map).

Call Letter Changes

88.1 WQCD Montgomery, NY -> WJZZ
88.7 KDRW-FM Santa Barbara, CA -> KDRW
90.1 WJZZ North Salem, NY -> WQCD
94.9 NEW Snyder, TX -> KHMZ
106.7 WCGX Dublin, OH -> WZCB
107.1 NEW Shenandoah, VA -> WHFV

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  1. Brammy says

    Revival Christian Ministries is a shady operation and the only thing they should get from the FCC is a license revocation for WSGG and its translators.

    They are known as Radio .Avivamiento. I don’t understand how you can start out as a pirate station and then end up with an FCC license. They started in the mid to late 90s on 97.1 FM in Hartford.

    P.S. The last time I was at The Westfield Meriden Sqaure Mall at the end of August the audio on their 98.3 Meriden translator was so I could barely hear them even with my car stereo cranked all the way up.

    P.S. #2: About 4 years ago when I was driving through Meriden on my way to Wallingford I was following a white van that said .Radio Avivamiento 98.3 FM on it. Kind of strange that it had only one of the translators listed on it.

    1. Brammy says

      Forgot one word in my first PS. It should say the audio on their 98.3 Meriden translator was SO LOW.

  2. Phil says

    K247CB and KVLR

    While the translator has slightly smaller coverage compared to the parent station except the null, it covers the same basic area. While it isn’t unheard of to have a translator rebroadcasting a station that the parent station does covers better, one would think that there’s other plans for it. That brings up another possibility in using it for another HD re-broadcaster. While there could be changes as the app goes through the process if it does get approved, I don’t know why anyone would choose to re-broadcast a station that already serves the same area better.

    Perhaps, I’m missing something here?

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