KNCE Becomes True Taos Radio

True Taos Radio 93.5 KNCE After agreeing to purchase Classic Hits 93.5 KNCE Taos, NM last month, Taos Adventures has flipped the station to a diverse Community format.

Now branded as “True Taos Radio“, KNCE is a partnership of Live Taos, Roots and Wires Presents, Walking Rain Productions, and Ravensong Productions. The station is broadcasting from an Airstream trailer on the property of Taos Mesa Brewing Company.

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  1. Mark says

    Is this station going to run ads or are going to try to be like a non-com “Community” station, probably with underwriting announcements?

    1. jmpstar says

      According to an article published in The Taos News, “He (one of the owners of Taos Mesa Brewing) said in an interview that he sees the station as a hybrid between commercial radio and public radio. Instead of having commercials, he and his partners hope to create a system of ‘sponsored’ radio, meaning local businesses or organizations can buy blocks of music or chunks of time on the station. The DJ would give shout-outs to the sponsor throughout the music block.”

  2. Destructor says

    I like the unique trailer idea, though I hope it’s secure, for the station’s sake.

    1. Neil Griffin says

      WDVX in Clinton, TN was housed in a trailer for a number of years at an RV park. It moved into a permanent facility a few years back. Fun station to listen to when you are in the Knoxville area.

      WDVX story from 1998

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