FCC Applications 11/23

Station Changes

FCC Update Translator Construction Permit ApplicationsSunrise Broadcasting AC “Sunny 104.5” WILT Wilmington, NC has applied to change its city-of-license to Carolina Beach as part of a proposal to increase from a Class A with 3.1kW at 120 meters to a C3 with 17kW at 120 meters (Coverage Map).

Educational Media Foundation’s pending acquisition of 98.5 WDEO-FM San Carlos Park/Fort Myers, FL from Ava Maria University has applied to increase from a Class C3 with 18.5kW at 113 meters to a C2 with 50kW from the same antenna (Coverage Map).

Delta Media Corporation applies to make 104.1 KLCJ Oak Grove, LA a rimshot into Lake Charles. After a previous application was dismissed earlier this year, Delta applies to upgrade the station to 6kW at 94 meters where its service contour will come just short of the city (Coverage Map).

Witko Broadcasting’s CP for 104.5 KBYC Markham, TX proposes an increase from a Class A with 6kW at 96 meters to a Class C3 with 19.5kW at 100 meters (Coverage Map).

Solid Rock Foundation’s 91.5 KBDW Wheeler, TX applies to shift to 91.7 with 3kW at 75 meters (Coverage Map).

Translator Changes

Digital Radio Broadcasting has applied to relocate two of its translators in the Hudson Valley, NY as it continues to build out its “JazzFM” network across the region. 89.9 W210CE Newburgh seeks to cross over the Hudson River to Cold Spring with 10 watts at 262 meters (Coverage Map). 106.1 W291CQ Monroe scraps its CP to relocate to Beacon and instead applies to move to Tuxedo with 10 watts at 180 meters (Coverage Map). Both translators will rebroadcast 88.1 WJZZ Montgomery.

Two translators have applied to adjust its facilities in Winston-Salem, NC. Educational Media Foundation’s 88.9 W205CP applies to increase to 250 watts at 104 meters rebroadcasting 94.1 WWLV Lexington (Coverage Map). Eastern Airwaves seeks to move 101.3 W267AM to 101.5 with 250 watts at 118 meters continuing to rebroadcast News/Talk 600 WSJS Winston-Salem (Coverage Map).

Conner Media’s 97.9 W250AZ Rocky Mount, NC is on the move as it applies to relocate to a new location west of the city with 250 watts at 23 meters rebroadcasting 89.7 WCPE Raleigh (Coverage Map).

Edgewater Broadcasting’s 92.7 W224AZ Chattanooga proposes a shift to a new tower site with 250 watts at 107 meters rebroadcasting Brewer Broadcasting’s 95.3 WPLZ-HD3 Ooltewah (Coverage Map).

Radio Assist Ministry seeks a modification of its CP for 101.9 W270CE Rome, GA to 65 watts at 38 meters rebroadcasting Rome Radio Partners pending acquisition of 710 WROM Rome (Coverage Map).

First Venture Capital Partners applies to relocate 91.7 K219LP Brownfield, TX to 92.3 from a tower just south of Lubbock where it will operate with 250 watts at 270 meters rebroadcasting Ramar Communication’s 93.7 KXTQ-FM Lubbock.

The Cromwell Group’s CP for 105.5 W288CY Decatur, IL applies to relocate to 94.7 with a downgrade to 3 watts at 65 meters rebroadcasting 106.7 WZNX Sullivan (Coverage Map).

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