I94 Indianapolis Makes Classic Hip-Hop Move Permanent

I94 93.9 WRWM Indianapolis Classic Hip-Hop Holiday Weekend After running their Classic Hip-Hop Weekend (and forcing Radio-One Urban “Hot 96.3” WHHH to do the same), WRWM is making the move permanent.

The station will retain the “I94” branding with the move but has gone jockless for now. Jay Michaels remains in place as Program Director of WRWM and sister Classic Hits 104.5 WJJK.

Original Report 12/19: Here’s a pairing you don’t see every day…

After hyping a major announcement for 3pm today, Cumulus Hot AC “I94” 93.9 WRWM Lawrence/Indianapolis launched a “Classic Hip-Hop Holiday Weekend”. The station is promoting its regular format is returning on Monday morning.


INSTANT INSIGHT: Interesting that this move comes the day after Radio-One closed on its purchase of 102.9 W275BD Greenfield/Indianapolis. Trying to prevent another Boom launch? Radio-One and Cumulus have gone head-to-head with Classic Hip-Hop in Dallas and Atlanta so far with Cumulus bowing out in Dallas after a few weeks.

  1. Goin' Where? says

    Priming the pump…for Radio One’s 102.9.

  2. maytableinc says

    I’m sure their 18-30 year old audience would enjoy and remember listening to LL Cool J, Nas, Biggie,. 2Pac….

    1. Goin' Where? says

      Looked at what they’ve played since 3pm. The target for this music goes much older than just a 30 year old. A high school senior that listened to “Hip Hop Hooray” or “Ditty” as a hit on WZPL or Hoosier Hot 96 dot 3 is now 39 years old. This music dominated the 1990s and we’re hearing the first wave of radio stations that will reach adults by playing 1990s hip hop in much the same way the old WKLR or WGLD reached adults playing the Beatles and Motown.

  3. only1moore says

    One gets the feeling that i94 may be looking at going after Hot 96.3 down the road.

    1. Goin' Where? says

      Seems Hot 96.3 is also playing classic hip hop this weekend. I have to agree with the idea that 102.9 will go “Boom” and 96.3 is helping move 102.9 in that direction.

      Is i94 going after Hot? I don’t think so. Cincinnati’s hot AC “The New 94.9” seems to be playing an increasing amount of hip hop. It only makes sense that these titles will eventually work their way into hot AC. I’d think i94 might do something similar after this weekend.

  4. Goin' Where? says

    I’ll be the first to admit, I was dead wrong on this change. Did not see it coming.

    So, who will this benefit and who will this hurt? I’ll hold to the view that this isn’t targeting today’s Hot 96.3 listener. More it’s target is those listeners in their mid to late 30s who grew up with this music on WZPL or the old Hoosier 96 dot 3. The teens that listened to this music as hits are now almost dead center in 25-54.

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