Norsan Media To Acquire WJXR Jacksonville; Flip To Spanish Tropical

92.1 WJXR Macclenny Jacksonville Shopping Bargain Channel Latino 92.9 970 WNNR NorsanNorsan Media has announced the acquisition of 92.1 WJXR Macclenny/Jacksonville, FL from WJXR Inc. for an undisclosed price.

The sale will see the end of WJXR’s 30 year old “Bargain Channel” Shopping programming on Wednesday, December 31 at 10:00pm when Norsan begins operating the station via LMA. The shopping programming will live on Oldies “102.3 The Beach” 1600 WZNZ/102.3 W272CQ Jacksonville from 7-9am and 4-6pm.

Norsan will flip the station to Spanish Tropical “Latina 92.1” simulcasting soon-to-be sisters 970 WNNR/92.9 W225BI Stockade. Norsan also owns Regional Mexican “La Raza” 1160 WEWC Callahan/1570 WVOJ Fernandina Beach.

The press release translated from Spanish follows:

NORSAN Media, the leading media company serving Hispanics in northern Florida, Tennessee, North and South Carolina, is proud to announce the acquisition of its new radio station 92.1 FM WJXR in Jacksonville, Florida, consolidating its leadership position in media among Hispanics southeast.

Latina 92.1 FM WJXR is the Spanish radio station FM covering all metropolitan Jacksonville and surrounding areas, and is the fifth FM station owned by NORSAN Media, the group also publishes the weekly newspaper HELLO news.

According to Norberto Sanchez, CEO of NORSAN Media, launching 92.1 FM strengthens its commitment to continue empowering the Hispanic community by offering unparalleled access to music, entertainment, and local community information, and national and international news.

“NORSAN Media was honored to have the support of our community and listeners for whom we make every effort to provide quality programming that comes into their cars, homes and workplaces,” said Norberto Sanchez, president and CEO of NORSAN Media .

Latina 92.1FM programming is based on tropical hits and pop in Spanish allowing you reach a vast majority of Hispanic listeners in the programming area.

“This new addition enhances our portfolio and gives us a competitive advantage that will benefit our private audience and advertisers who want to reach the Hispanic market in northern Florida,” said Sanchez.

NORSAN Media also owns and operates 92.9 FM, AM 970 WNNR, WEWC 1160 / WVOJ 1570 AM La Raza, featuring regional Mexican format in Jacksonville.


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  1. anonymouscoward says

    I’m going to miss streaming The Bargain Channel late at night out of boredom but I have to question how they didn’t stop being a 24/7 radio station sooner.

    After watching videos on youtube of people actually going to their physical store its apparent it was just a cheap dollar store with junk pimped up by a radio station.

  2. dxingradio says

    WJXR certainly was a unique radio station, pretty sure the only one doing 24/7 shopping programming in the U.S. right? 30 years is a good run.

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