Outlaw Riding Into Springfield, MO

Music Of Your Life 99.9 KBFL-FM 1060 KBFL The Outlaw Meyer Communications SpringfieldMeyer Communications is making changes to its Springfield, MO stations on Monday, March 2.

Adult Standards “Music Of Your Life 99.9” KBFL-FM Buffalo will move its current format to 1060 KBFL Springfield replacing its current Smooth Jazz programming. That will make room on KBFL-FM for Country/Southern Rock mix “99.9 The Outlaw“.

The Outlaw brand had a short-run in 2013 on 93.9 WJXY-FM Myrtle Beach, but has since converted into a webcaster and music service for businesses. The brand is also heard on 100.9 WPGA-FM Perry/Macon, GA.

Positioned as “Southern Music for Southern People”, the Outlaw brand mixes Country music with Texas Red Dirt Country, Bluegrass, and Southern Rock.

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  1. Destructor says

    The Outlaw is also heard in Wichita Falls, TX on 94.9. This station’s all Texas country though.

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