SHE Comes To Chicago’s 100.3

Chicago's 100.3 WSHE WILV Hubbard ChicagoHubbard Radio has relaunched “Chicago’s 100.3” WILV as WSHE-FM.

The rebranding gives the AC a solid branding position, which had been lacking since the then 80s centric station dropped its “Rewind” moniker in 2013. The SHE brand and WSHE-FM call letters had a long history at 103.5 in Miami and a brief run in the late 1990’s at 100.3 Orlando.

WSHE-FM is currently running jockless to promote the new branding, but the existing airstaff will return.

Chicago’s only true Adult Contemporary radio station targeted toward 25-54 year olds, WILV-FM, solidified its position today with a rebranding as Chicago’s 100.3 WSHE-FM.

In rolling out the announcement this morning, Hubbard Radio Chicago VP/Market Manager, John Gallagher said, “WILV has enjoyed tremendous success over the past several years and has been a top market performer utilizing an on air position of simply Chicago’s 100.3. In order to expand on that success, we believe these new call letters and moniker (SHE) will make us more memorable in the minds of Chicago Radio listeners and our advertisers.”

Program Director, Marty Bender told staff, “This evolution allows us to refine our musical position to a new and less predictable place. WSHE is redefining Adult Contemporary radio for 2015 and beyond.”

Hubbard Radio Senior VP of Programming, Greg Solk added, “With our existing market dominators, THE MIX and The Drive, Hubbard Radio Chicago is now poised to have three of the biggest adult radio brands in the market with today’s launch of SHE.”

  1. Joseph_Gallant says

    “100.3 She-FM: Music Radio For Women”

  2. Mark W. says

    This station will get the same 2.5 share it’s always gotten.

  3. e-dawg says

    Why not change back to Windy 100 (WNND-FM) I remember the jingles, and the music.

    1. Charles Everett says

      That station name and callsign are associated with a previous owner. Besides, Hubbard Broadcasting does not engage in knee-jerk thinking.

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