KOKC Towers Destroyed By Tornado

1520 KOKC Oklahoma City 103.1 Moore Tornado Blaw Knox Tower DestroyedDue to the destruction of the KOKC towers, Tyler Media has moved its programming for now to sister “The Franchise 2” 1560 KEBC Del City as well as KOKC’s 103.1 K276EX translator.

Original Report 3/25: The tornado outbreak that hit Oklahoma today has crippled Tyler Media News/Talk 1520 KOKC Oklahoma City.

Two of the station’s towers have been completely leveled with a third snapped in half.

The three Blaw-Knox towers are best known as the long-time home of KOMA in its Top 40 heyday and were constructed in 1947. You can see the towers in their previous form at Tower Site of the Week.

KOKC has been rebroadcasting on an FM translator since early 2014.

  1. Eric Jon Magnuson says

    A local PR agency (presumably on behalf of Tyler) has been tweeting that 1520’s programming is now on KEBC 1560.

    1. jcurtis1027 says

      KOKC’s website is saying that programming has been moved to 1560 AM until further notice.

  2. airplane777 says

    When it’s rebuilt, will KOKC continue to be a 50KW powerhouse serving the western United States?

    1. Eric Jon Magnuson says

      I’d assume so, as this is similar to what happened with Wheeling’s WWVA 1170 a few years back. It’s theoretically possible that some financial considerations might preclude fully rebuilding the facilities; however, right now, I doubt that’d end up being the case.

  3. Bongwater says

    The funny thing is very few people acknowledged at first that the old KOMA is actually KOKC today. Almost everyone who initially announced the disaster still called it “the KOMA towers”. And if you look at the continuing updates, a lot of people STILL call it KOMA.

    Old identities die hard….

    1. airplane777 says

      I just want to point out that WKY (now La Indomoble 930 AM) and KOMA (now KOKC 1520 AM) have both lost towers due to tornadoes. Ironically, these were fierce rival stations back in their Top 40 prime.


    2. Eric Jon Magnuson says

      To be fair, I saw at least one photo of the downed towers that included the transmitter building in the foreground–with “KOMA” clearly visible on the building’s front.

      That said, there may have been some people who confused 1520 with the current KOMA (92.5 FM). What’s worse, I think I’ve come across some folks who thought that TV or even cell-phone towers were downed here.

  4. airplane777 says

    The general public does not know the difference between a cell tower and a AM radio tower. However 1520 will always be KOMA to me even though I listen to News Talk 1520 KOKC religiously now. IMO Michael Savage is the best out of all the talkers, they could put reruns of his shows on weekends and it wouldn’t hurt my feelings at all.

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