Fargo’s Bob Expands Eastward To Detroit Lakes

Bob 95 95.1 KBVB Fargo Radio Fargo-Moorhead 94.5 KSKK Frazee Detroit Lakes94.7 KSKK has completed its move to Frazee and is now simulcasting Country “Bob 95” 95.1 KBVB Barnesville, MN/Fargo, ND as 94.5 KDLB.

The former AC format and KSKK call letters have moved to 1070 KVKK Verndale replacing its Talk format.

Original Report 5/31: Radio Fargo-Moorhead Country “Bob 95” 95.1 KBVB Barnesville, MN/Fargo, ND will soon add a second signal to cover the Detroit Lakes/Pelican Rapids area in Minnesota.

94.7 KSKK Staples, MN was sold to Radio Fargo-Moorhead last year for $900,000 and will shortly complete its move to 94.5 in Frazee where it will operate with 11kW at 150 meters (Coverage Map). When it does so it will simulcast KBVB’s Country programming.

We are excited to announce that BOB 95 is growing and expanding to BOOM over Detroit Lakes and all of lakes country this summer! Radio FM Media has acquired another tower, another transmitter and another frequency! And ANOTHER TOWER equals MORE BOB POWER. More Chris, John & Jane in the morning! More New Country music all day long! As Fargo Moorhead’s most listened to country station will also be broadcasting in Detroit Lakes on 94.5 FM starting later this summer!

Two towers, both broadcasting in HD…both broadcasting New Country BOB 95 FM!

Nancy Odney, Chief Operating Officer of Radio FM Media – “This unique arrangement creates a BOB 95 broadcast that will reach over 362,000 people…living in over 174,000 households…and covering nearly 20,000 square miles. Now that’s a lot of BOB!! It’s a tremendous upgrade and opportunity for our listeners and our advertisers!”

John Austin, Operations Manager for Radio FM Media – “Our listeners asked for better reception in the lakes area…and soon you’ll be able to listen to BOB 95 and hear the song “Pontoon” on your pontoon crystal clear! So get ready to TURN YOUR KNOB to BOB in D.L… and all over the lakes area on 94.5 FM.”

BOB 95 will soon boom crystal clear new country from Big Detroit to Big Pine…From Lake Lizzie to Lake Lida…From Perham to Pelican….From Otter Tail to Audubon and all points in between. Another tower means more BOB POWER!!

Bob 95 FM, which recently became the first music station in Fargo to broadcast in HD, now offers 100,000 watts in Fargo-Moorhead, live streaming online, a free mobile app and soon another tower for more BOB power in Detroit Lakes and beyond – making it easier than ever to TURN YOUR KNOB TO BOB!

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