FCC Applications 6/14

Station Moves

FCC Radio Station Application Construction Permit Colorado Public Radio Classical 88.1 KVODAfter its previous Construction Permit to relocate to Lookout Mountain expired, Colorado Public Radio Classical 88.1 KVOD Lakewood/Denver, CO applies to remain at its current location on Mount Morrison, but to the new master antenna being built. KVOD will increase from a Class C3 to C2 with a directional 6.05kW at 325.7 meters (Coverage Map).

Educational Media Foundation Christian AC 94.9 WKVF Bartlett/Memphis, TN applies to move to an adjacent tower where it will operate with 2.9kW at 217 meters (Coverage Map).

Badlands Airtime’s pending acquisition of 94.5 KCFS Sioux Falls, SD applies to increase from a Class A to C3 with 25kW at 87.9 meters (Coverage Map). When Badlands Airtime closes on the purchase of KCFS from the University of Sioux Falls it will also convert the station to commercial status.

Plymouth-Canton Community Schools’ CHR “88.1 The Park” WSDP Plymouth, MI applies to increase power from 300 watts to 1kW from its existing 16 meter antenna (Coverage Map).

Smile FM’s 89.7 WKKM Speaker Township, MI seeks to relocate to 91.5 with an increase to 6kW at 100 meters (Coverage Map).

With two of its Construction Permits set to expire at the end of this month, Alex Media applies for lesser facilities to get the stations on-the-air before doing so. 92.9 KPUT Mona, UT applies for a downgrade from a C2 to Class A with 100 watts at -358 meters (Coverage Map). 99.7 KAFZ Ash Fork, AZ also looks to drop from C2 to A with 100 watts at -46 meters (Coverage Map).

Northwest Indy Radio’s 91.1 KBSG Westport, WA seeks an additional change to frequency and city-of-license. KBSG held a Construction Permit to relocate to 89.5 in Hoquiam and had applied to move to 90.3 in Hoquiam. Now it seeks to replace those with a move to 90.1 in Raymond with 480 watts at 358 meters (Coverage Map).

Kona Coast Radio applies to move its CP for 107.9 KBHM Basin, WY to 107.7 with a downgrade from Class C0 to C1. KBHM would operate with 51kW horizontal at 148 meters (Coverage Map).

Top O’ Texas Educational Broadcasting seeks changes at two of its stations. 90.3 KUHC Clayton, NM applies to slide to 90.5 while increasing from 140 watts horizontal to 300 from its current 28 meter tower (Coverage Map). 88.3 KOGC Wheeler, TX seeks to relocate to Carter, OK with 2kW horizontal at 142 meters (Coverage Map). Both stations air programming from the Christian Preaching “Kingdom Keys Radio Network“.

Translator Moves

Claro Communications continues to slide 99.9 K260CC San Antonio, TX closer to the city’s center. Its newest application will have it operate with 99 watts horizontal at 131 meters rebroadcasting sister Tejano 1540 KEDA San Antonio (Coverage Map).

Hope Christian Church of Marlton’s 104.7 W284BE Havre de Grace, MD applies to increase power from 10 to 250 watts from its current 160 meter antenna (Coverage Map). W284BE rebroadcasts CRS Radio Holdings’ 1330 WHGM Havre de Grace as Classic Hits “104.7 The Point“.

Positive Alternative Radio’s 102.3 W272CC Smithfield/Newport News, VA applies to modify its CP to operate on 102.5 with 110 watts at 114 meters rebroadcasting Christian Preaching 940 WKGM Smithfield (Coverage Map).

Positive Alternative Radio also applies to move 106.3 W292CU Christiansburg, VA to 105.9 with 36 watts at 169 meters rebroadcasting Base Communications’ “ESPN Blacksburg” 1430 WKEX Blacksburg (Coverage Map).

Covenant Network’s CP for 102.3 K272FA Canton, MO applies to shift its tower site south to near Quincy, IL with 250 watts at 86 meters rebroadcasting Catholic 91.5 KEFL Kirksville (Coverage Map).

The Cromwell Group’s Two Petaz, Inc’s pending acquisition of the CP for 96.5 W243DI Effingham, IL from Community Broadcasting seeks to shift to 96.3 with 250 watts at 109 meters rebroadcasting Country 101.3 WMCI Neoga (Coverage Map).

Michigan Community Radio’s CP for 97.5 W248CC Ecorse, MI applies to shift to a new location just west of Detroit with 250 watts horizontal at 104 meters rebroadcasting Smile FM’s 89.5 WDTP Huron Township (Coverage Map).

Great Lakes Radio’s 99.9 W260AG Ishpeming, MI seeks to shift south to a new location with 250 watts at 145 meters rebroadcasting 99.9 WFXD-HD2 (Coverage Map). W260AG and 105.1 W286BC Marquette both operate as Sports “Fox Sports Marquette“.

Kaspar Broadcasting applies to change frequencies at two of its Frankfort, IN translators. 97.5 W248BX seeks to shift to 96.9 with 230 watts at 76 meters rebroadcasting News/Talk 1570 WILO Frankfort (Coverage Map). “WILO 2” 106.1 W291CS seeks a slide to 105.9 with 100 watts vertical at 24 meters rebroadcasting 99.7 WSHW-HD2 (Coverage Map).

Jeff Beck Broadcasting Group’s 99.1 W256BH Oxford/Anniston, AL applies to move to a new tower site with 58 watts at 227 meters (Coverage Map). W256BH will continue to rebroadcast Classic Hits 1490 WFZX Anniston.

Invisible Allies Ministries is scrapping its CP to move 99.9 W60BQ Clearfield, PA to 99.3 in Brockway and instead applies to move to 89.1 in Clearfield with 120 watts at 37 meters rebroadcasting Christian AC “Rev-FM” 89.1 WRXV State College (Coverage Map).

GEOS Communications’ 97.1 W246DC Dushore, PA applies to move to 97.5 in Mehoopany with 200 watts vertical at 340 meters rebroadcasting 89.9 WVIA-FM Scranton (Coverage Map).

Sparta-Tomah Broadcasting’s 101.9 W270CO Sparta, WI applies to move to 102.1 with no changes to its 250 watts at 133 meters facilities rebroadcasting sister “ESPN LaCrosse” 1290 WKLJ Sparta.

Call Letter Changes

92.1 WMKQ Racine, WI -> WVTY
92.3 KDAB Hugo, CO -> KVXQ
93.7 NEW St. Simons Island, GA -> WBQO
94.5 WLWK-FM Milwaukee, WI -> WKTI-FM
105.1 NEW Sheffield, PA -> WLSF
790 KEJY Eureka, CA -> KWSW
980 KWSW Eureka, CA -> KEJY

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