Daly XXL Converts WMEX Boston LMA To Purchase

Daly XXL Communications 1510 WMEX Boston Blackstrap BroadcastingBlackstrap Broadcasting has sold Conservative Talk 1510 WMEX Boston to Daly XXL Communications for $175,000.

The buyers have been operating the station via Time Brokerage Agreement since March when the previous TBA with Kevin “Dr. K” Wallis’ Wallis Communications was abruptly ended. Daly XXL is made up of Mary Catherine and Henry Remmer of Wilmington, NC and her brother Bryan Berner, who has served as GM of WMEX under Wallis and Daly XXL. The station most recently made news for rejecting iHeartMedia’s offer to carry Rush Limbaugh.

Blackstrap Broadcasting purchased then 1510 WWZN and 620 WSNR Newark, NJ from Rose City Radio in 2007 for $20.5 million. A sale of both stations to Media Americas Corporation in 2011 for $23.46 million never closed. WSNR was then sold last year to Davidzon Radio for $12.5 million.

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  1. Joseph_Gallant says



    The way things are going, I might be able to spend $100 a couple of months hence and buy a full-time AM station in the Boston market.

    1. Nathan Obral says

      Daly XXL already had the infrastructure and personnel in place with their LMA. This was basically the license that was purchased, and nothing more (as Lance noted, the tower site and property was not owned by Blackstrap and thus wasn’t included).

  2. radioperson says

    Hopefully they keep the classic WMEX call letters.

    Along with WBZ and WEEI, they are the oldest existing call letters in Boston radio.

    At least it gives SOME dignity and gravitas to the station!

  3. rickb says

    In comparison, the median home value in Boston is $449,400. “Sorry, honey, we can’t afford a house. How about a 50,000 watt radio station instead?”

  4. Nathan Obral says

    $175K. For a 50kW signal (warts and all) in a top 10 market. I betcha that the transmitter site is worth far, far more than that.

    That is just pitiful.

    1. Lance Venta says

      Blackstrap doesn’t own the transmitter site, so why would it affect the station’s value?

      1. Nathan Obral says

        Considering that Blackstrap only cleared checks for whomever LMAed the station and really did nothing else whatsoever, there was nothing of tangible value that was sold beyond the actual license. So $175K makes sense in that regard.

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