Ross Brittain Exiting WOGL Philadelphia

Ross Brittain Jim Loftus Bob Charger 98.1 WOGL PhiladelphiaWhile Scott Shannon has signed a contract extension with CBS Radio to remain in mornings at WCBS-FM New York, his original “Z100” co-host is leaving the company.

Ross Brittain, who has led the “Breakfast Club” on Classic Hits 98.1 WOGL Philadelphia since 2004, will leave the station after his show on Friday, July 31. In addition to Z100 and WOGL, Brittain also hosted mornings at WKSS Hartford, WZGO/WTRK/WEGX Philadelphia, WZGC Atlanta, and WABC New York in the waning days of its music format.

Brittain’s wife Rasa Kaye will remain with the company in her role as a anchor/reporter with News 1060 KYW and Talk 1210 WPHT.

Also leaving WOGL will be General Manager Jim Loftus. Loftus also joined WOGL in 2004 after previously serving as Chief Operating Officer at Shamrock Communications. Another longtime WOGL veteran, night host Bob Charger was let go earlier this month as part of CBS Radio’s massive layoffs.

  1. Nathan Obral says

    Ross also did about a month or two at WMMS Cleveland back in 1994 as an interim morning host following an ownership change (in part to burn off his non-compete after leaving Z100).

  2. homerjay says

    It’s funny, for the life of me I don’t remember him making it all the way through to Eagle. I remember his show being turned from a zoo to a music-intensive show to fit Electric, but my memory was of him leaving, and only Sam Yudkin making the Z-Electric-Eagle move (emerging with Rick Walker).

    Memories are funny things.

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