FCC Update 8/16: KFWR Fighting Back

Station Moves A week after the FCC issued a Show Cause Order to reclassify LKCM Radio’s “95.9 The Ranch” KFWR Jacksboro, TX as operating with a directional array, the station applies to have it switched back to non-directional with the installation of a stock antenna at the currently licensed power and height (Coverage Map). E-String Wireless Urban “Z93.9” KAGZ Burke/Lufkin, TX seeks to relocate to 97.7 with no changes to its 1.8kW at 184 meters licensed facilities (Coverage Map). An eight year quest to relocate Sacramento State University Classical 88.9 KXPR Sacramento, CA to a new location east of the city will continue. KXPR asked earlier this month to have its current CP cancelled before it was set to expire today and then reapplied for the same 50kW at 123 meters Class B facilities it had previously been granted (Coverage Map). Point Broadcasting seeks to modify their application for their new signal at 101.3 Barstow, CA to relocate to Kramer Junction to instead shift to Hinkley with 6kW at 100 meters (Coverage Map). As its previous CP expires unbuilt, Big Tree Communications Rock “Z100” 100.1 KZRO Dunsmuir, CA once again applies to upgrade from a Class C3 to C1. This time KZRO seeks 13.5kW at 635 meters from the tower of Mapleton Communications’ Active Rock “106X” 106.1 KRRX Burney/Redding (Coverage Map). Flinn Broadcasting’s 96.9 KWLR Maumelle/Little Rock, AR seeks to increase from a Class A to C3 along with a city-of-license change to Bigelow. KWLR will remain on its current tower while increasing power from 4.6 to 19kW at its existing 115 meter antenna height (Coverage Map). KWLR is leased to Educational Media Foundation as part of its Christian AC “K-Love” network. Catholic Radio Network’s 91.9 KQOH Marshfield, MO applies to relocate to Fair Grove where it will place city-grade coverage over portions of Springfield with 4kW at 84.4 meters (Coverage Map). Panther Communications states that its 100.9 KWIA Newell/Storm Lake, IA will be evicted from its current tower site at the end of the month and is seeking expedited action to built a new facility with 6kW at 74 meters (Coverage Map). MTD Radio has applied for new facilities for two of its southeastern New Mexico stations after their tower collapsed in November 2013. Country “W105” KWMW Maljamar and Active Rock “107.1 The Nerve” KTUM Tatum will build a new tower at the site of the previous one with both stations seeking to operate with 100kW at 233.4 meters (Coverage Map). Translator Moves Along with their purchase of 101.9 K270BZ Phoenix from Mary Guthrie this week, Riviera Broadcasting has applied to relocate the translator to the South Mountain Tower Farm on the antenna of sister 94.9 K235CB Chandler where it will operate with 250 watts at 445 meters rebroadcasting the not yet existent 103.9 KEXX-HD3 Gilbert (Coverage Map). We’d expect that HD3 to rebroadcast the programming of sister Rhythmic CHR “Power 98.3” KKFR Mayer. Ted & Jana Tucker’s Silent 100.9 K265CW Tucson, AZ applies for a new location with 47 watts at 1253 meters rebroadcasting Good News Broadcasting’s Standards 690 KCEE (Coverage Map). K265CW holds a CP to relocate to 105.7 due to pending displacement from sister company Cochise Broadcasting’s 101.7 KKYZ Sierra Vista’s move to 101.1 licensed to Tanque Verde, but wishes to stay on 100.9 due to that station not yet commencing operation. KKYZ’s CP expires in September 2016. New Life Christian School’s 89.7 K209FN Prescott, AZ applies to move to 89.9 while dropping to 5 watts at 213 meters rebroadcasting 91.1 KNLB Lake Havasu City (Coverage Map). Vic Michael’s Cedar Cove Broadcasting’s 88.9 K205FV Plainview/Denver, CO applies to increase power and antenna height from its current location on Lookout Mountain. K205FV seeks to operate with 99 watts at 219 meters rebroadcasting EMF’s 91.1 KLDV Morrison (Coverage Map). Michael’s Mountain Community Translators’ 100.7 K264BO Granby, CO applies to move closer to the Denver market as it seeks a new site where one more move could bring it to Lookout Mountain. K264BO looks to operate with 240 watts vertical at 517 meters also rebroadcasting KLDV (Coverage Map). Covenant Network’s CP for 102.9 K275BU Hermann, MO seeks to slide slightly east with 250 watts at 46 meters rebroadcasting sister Catholic 88.1 KHJR Jefferson City (Coverage Map). With the full power 98.3 allocation in Columbia auctioned off by the FCC, Educational Media Foundation applies to shift 98.3 K252FE Columbia, MO to 106.5 with no changes to its 140 watts at 99 meters facilities rebroadcasting 92.1 KMFC Centralia (Coverage Map). EMF proposes increasing the antenna height of its CP for 105.3 W287CL Lancaster, OH from 82 to 91 meters while retaining its 250 watt power and existing location (Coverage Map). W287CL will rebroadcast an HD subchannel of iHeartMedia’s 93.3 WODC Ashville/Columbus. EMF also looks to move 95.3 W237CX Bridgeport, WV to a new location near the Maryland state line via Mattoon Waiver where it will operate with 20 watts at 214 meters rebroadcasting Broadcast Communications’ Classic Hits 1050 WMSG Oakland, MD (Coverage Map). Broadcast Communications is in the process of acquiring W237CX along with 95.9 WDKL Grafton, WV from EMF. Digital Radio Broadcasting applies to increase power on 105.7 W289BE Ellenville, NY from 38 to 99 watts while retaining its 458 meter antenna height (Coverage Map). W289BE will rebroadcast Townsquare Media’s 101.5 WPDH-HD2 Poughkeepsie. Cherry Creek Radio seeks to modify its CP for 101.9 K270BV Hurricane to relocate to St. George. K270BV seeks to increase its antenna height from 532 to 560 meters while retaining its 250 watt power rebroadcasting sister Sports 106.1 KXFF Colorado City, AZ (Coverage Map). Commonwealth Broadcasting Company seeks to modify three of its Kentucky translator CPs. 98.1 W251BT Pritchardsville applies to increase power to 250 watts at 88 meters with a COL change to Glasgow rebroadcasting the Active Rock programming of “98.3 The Edge” W252CV Bowling Green via 103.7 WPTQ-HD2 Glasgow (Coverage Map). 92.1 W221CV Tunnel Hills wishes to move to Elizabethtown with 250 watts at 82 meters rebroadcasting Sports “ESPN 1400” WIEV Elizabethtown (Coverage Map). 95.3 W237EI Brentwood looks to drop to 5 watts at 40 meters where it will rebroadcast AC 106.9 WTTL-FM Madisonville (Coverage Map). Moody Bible Institute’s 91.5 W218AM Dyersburg, TN applies to move to 91.3 with 27 watts horizontal at 90 meters rebroadcasting 90.1 WJSO Pikeville, KY (Coverage Map). Edgewater Broadcasting applies to move its CP for 94.1 K231CM Kimberly/Twin Falls, ID to 93.5 with no changes to its 250 watts at 204 meters rebroadcasting Lee Family Broadcasting’s 99.1 KXTA-HD4 Gooding (Coverage Map). Manhattan Broadcasting Company’s pending acquisition of 93.3 K227CX Manhattan, KS applies to move closer to the city with 250 watts at 139 meters rebroadcasting News/Talk 1350 KMAN Manhattan (Coverage Map). Flood Broadcasting applies to move 95.1 K236BY Plattsmouth, NE to the auxiliary tower of iHeart’s 99.9 KGOR Omaha where it will operate with 250 watts vertical at 136 meters on 95.5 rebroadcasting sister Regional Mexican “Lobo 97.7” KBBX Nebraska City (Coverage Map). Call Letter Changes 88.7 KVOQ Estes Park, CO -> KDCO 89.5 KJIV Reno, NV -> KNCJ 99.3 NEW Comstock, TX -> KXQK 103.1 WLLJ Etowah, TN -> WJLJ 106.3 NEW Willows, CA -> KPQW 106.7 KWWX Cashmere, WA -> KKWN 790 KWSW Eureka, CA -> KEJY 980 KEJY Eureka, CA -> KWSW 1340 KDCO Denver, CO -> KVOQ 1340 KZNW Wenatchee, WA -> KWWX…

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