iHeart Launches Real 103.9 Las Vegas

Real 103.9 K280DD Las Vegas KPLV-HD2 Hip-Hop R&B Big BoyiHeartMedia ended up making the second new format launch of the day in Las Vegas with the debut of Urban “Real 103.9” K280DD/93.1 KPLV-HD2 at 10:39am.

The first song was Kid Ink featuring DeJ Loaf’s “Be Real”.

Original Report 8/31: iHeartMedia will launch Urban “Real 103.9” K280DD/93.1 KPLV-HD2 Las Vegas on Friday, September 4 at 10:30am as the station continues to stunt with Christmas music.

The website for Real1039.com is live Positioning the station as “Las Vegas’ Real Hip-Hop and R&B”. It will become iHeart’s second station utilizing the “Real” branding following the launch of KRRL Los Angeles in February. The new format will directly target Kemp Broadcasting “Hot 97.5” KVEG and non-commercial “Power 88.1” KCEP and indirectly CBS’ Rhythmic CHR 98.5 KLUC.

Will Las Vegas become the first newly syndicated market for KRRL morning host Big Boy since joining iHeart?

Original Report 8/29: 103.9 K280DD Las Vegas has signed-on as “Christmas 103.9” under the auspices of iHeartMedia.

Owned by the Lake Havasu, AZ based Advance Ministries, K280DD is operating with 250 watts at 308 meters from the Stratosphere Casino on the Las Vegas Strip rebroadcasting 93.1 KPLV-HD2 (Coverage Map).

The real format should debut on the translator before the Labor Day holiday.

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  1. goriajk says

    Pride Radio is coming soon!!! Hedging my bet on the craps table (no pun intended)

    1. Eric Jon Magnuson says

      I think you’re right. Still, I’m pulling for Evolution–despite the continued existence of both Sin 107.5 (HD-2) and Pulse 96.7.

  2. Destructor says

    I don’t think a Ministry would want Pride Radio on their translator. I mean, some might, but most won’t. Also, Evolution is not what the bible teaches…

    1. Lance Venta says

      All Advance Ministries cares about is the check they’ll be clearing from iHeart every month. They have no say in what’s being programmed on it.

  3. goriajk says

    Thank you – I didn’t know about All Advance ministries so I stand corrected

  4. only1moore says

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they do bring a Dance format to Las Vegas, but then again they might bring a Classic Hip-Hop or a “Real”/”Beat” branding to the market.

  5. ksradiogeek says

    @only1moore-Nope. There’s already Pulse.

    1. only1moore says

      Well I was right about “Real” coming to Las Vegas.

      Another question: did KLUC returned to a Rhythmic direction?

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