KLOS Adds Jonesy’s Jukebox

Steve Jones Jonesy Jukebox 95.5 KLOS Los AngelesFormer Sex Pistol Steve Jones is bringing his “Jonesy’s Jukebox” to Cumulus Classic Rock 95.5 KLOS Los Angeles.

Debuting on Friday, October 30, the show will air every Friday from 12:00 to 2:00pm. The show previously aired on “Indie 103.1” KDLD/KDLE from 2004 until the station’s demise in 2009. After a brief run online, the show joined CBS Alternative 106.7 KROQ from 2010 until March 2013.

Cumulus Los Angeles announces that Steve Jones, best known as guitarist for the Sex Pistols and Iggy Pop and one of Rolling Stone Magazine’s “100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time”, returns to the Southern California airwaves Fridays as host of “Jonesy’s Jukebox” from Noon to 2:00 p.m. on The Rock of Southern California 95.5 KLOS. “Jonesy’s Jukebox” launches on 95.5 KLOS tomorrow at Noon.

Jones mixes an eclectic Rock and Classic Rock playlist with freeform and often humorous interviews of guests from the music and entertainment world. He is known for keeping an acoustic guitar in the studio and performing stream-of-consciousness songs about the show’s current topic of discussion.

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