Don Geronimo Returns

Don Geronimo has rejoined CBS Radio to host a daily afternoon show from 12pm to 4pm on “Sports 1140” KHTK Sacramento beginning June 21 with eventual syndication opportunities. Geronimo, the former co-host of the syndicated “Don & Mike Show” had left the program in April 2008, but remained under contract with CBS until this coming October. KHTK had been one of Don & Mike’s top affiliates during the show’s run. Geronimo had a short run doing a local show in Ocean City, MD last summer and some fill-in shifts at WCBS-FM New York.

  1. TripFL says

    only a Radio God could get the sun to RISE on the West Coast! and it’s shinin’ BRIGHT on SAC!

  2. John Sterling says

    What a mess. The WORST most useless boring annoying part of the don and mike show will now be spouted and spewed all by itself. great move doni, I give this messtake until thanksgiving before yuo get canned for being too rusty. good luck anyway, but this move is a NOIGHTMARE!

  3. Kelly Zimmerman says

    John Sterling is an arsehole.

  4. wrealano says

    This is GREAT news and foo on John Sterling. Don went thought a lot, and both versions of the Don and Mike Show(well, the Mike O’M show) have been missed on terrestrial radio. Thanks to Buddy Sotello for alerting me, and can’t wait to have Don back on. We listen to him all the way from Oakland on KTHK and will be there daily for Don. Let’s reunite the BAND though!

  5. dugada says

    Great news! My Bay area radio will once again tune into the mighty KHTK! Don was the best part of the D&M show. Don knew how to touch on but not dwell on politics. Unfortunately his former counterparts didn’t understand that which cause the big knob to turn to the left all too often.

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