KMAS Merges With Local Cable Company

iFiber iFiberOne NewsRadio 1030 103.3 KMAS Shelton OlympiaOlympic Broadcasting News/Talk 1030 KMAS/103.3 K277CZ Shelton/Olympia WA has merged operations with local Cable operator/ISP iFIBER Communications’ iFiberOne News.

The radio station has rebranded as “iFiberOne NewsRadio” while Olympic Broadcasting’s principals will take on executive roles for iFIBER. Dale Hubbard becomes President of the company with Jerry Eckenrode taking on office manager duties.

iFiber is a reseller of fiber optic services in the Columbia Basin region of Washington and produces local news and sports content in the region.

Effective Jan. 1, 2016, KMAS Radio of Shelton, Wash. will merge with iFIBER ONE, a division of iFIBER Communications The merger is intended to provide enhanced news service to IFIBER Communications customers in the Mason County and south Puget Sound areas.

“We are extremely excited to add KMAS to the iFIBER Communications family,” said Kelly Ryan, CEO and founder of iFIBER Communications. “KMAS has a solid listenership. Their leadership team brings extensive knowledge to our mix. We look forward to expanding our media segment with their involvement.”

Dale Hubbard, becomes President of iFIBER ONE; “This is a great opportunity for KMAS News Radio to fully engage our listeners, and our visitors to, with expanded, and extensive, daily news coverage to the local area. iFIBER Communications is a vibrant, innovative company that Jerry & I are excited to be a part of.”

The day-to-day operations of KMAS Radio are expected to remain the same, continuing coverage of local news, sports, weather, and information for Mason County and the South Sound. Dale Hubbard and Jerry Eckenrode, owners of Olympic Broadcasting, Inc. and KMAS joined the iFIBER Communications team on January 1. Hubbard will manage iFIBER ONE, over-seeing all media operations. Jerry Eckenrode will oversee the administrative duties. of the iFIBER ONE Division, as the Office Manager.
KMAS Newsradio will change its name to iFIBER ONE Newsradio KMAS will now be

About iFIBER Communications and iFIBER ONE:
iFIBER Communications is a reseller of fiber optic services in Mason, Grant, Chelan, Douglas and Pend Oreille Counties. iFIBER offers, television, phone services, and the fastest Internet connection in Washington state.

iFIBER ONE provides in-depth local news and sports coverage of the Columbian Basin, with daily newscasts on iFIBER Channel 1,, KDRM and KBSN radio. For more information, visit

  1. notdarth_deleted says

    LOCAL cable companies? Those still exist?

    Oh, and the bizarre capitalisation they appear to use in their press releases made that one hard to read.

  2. notdarth_deleted says

    Oh I see, it’s actually an IP-via-optical carrier system, not cable TV. So much for local cable companies.

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