Detroit Sports 105.1 Goes Local In Mornings

Detroit Sports 105.1 WMGC Detroit Sean Baligan Mac MarcGreater Media Sports “Detroit Sports 105.1” WMGC Detroit is expanding its local programming to 6am to 6pm daily.

“Sean, Maz & Marc” hosted by Sean Baligian, Tom Mazawey & Marc Fellhauer, who had been heard on the station from 12-3pm will move to mornings from 6-10am starting Tuesday, Februrary 16. That move will push Ryan Ermanni and Rico Beard from 8am-12pm to 10am-2pm and Matt Dery and Drew Sharp up an hour from 3-7pm to 2-6pm. WMGC will drop ESPN Radio’s Mike & Mike in the process.

Greater Media announces Sean Baligian, Tom Mazawey & Marc Fellhauer have been named as the new local morning show from 6-10a on Detroit Sports 105.1. The trio, who can currently be heard on the station from noon-3pm, will begin their new on-air duties on Tuesday, February 16th.

They will replace ESPN’s nationally syndicated Mike and Mike, who have been on the Detroit Sports 105.1 since it officially launched in August of 2013.

“We feel this new lineup will give our dedicated motor city sports fans a more local sports experience,” said Detroit Sports 105.1 Program Director Dave Shore. “We are very grateful to ESPN’s Mike & Mike for their contributions to the station. “

New Detroit Sports 105.1 Lineup:
6am-10am Sean Baligian, Tom Mazawey & Marc Fellhauer
10am-2pm Ryan & Rico
2pm-6pm Matt Dery & Drew Sharp

  1. maytableinc says

    Great to see Greater Media still going after this station, despite having below 1.0 ratings. If going local doesn’t do anything for their numbers, then that’s an investment gone very sour. Haven’t Greater Media found that the previous Magic 105.1 had ratings this “new” station would only dream of?

  2. says

    It’s the profit that’s more important than ratings. It airs more commercials now so if it’s more profitable then the format is working.

    1. Woof! says

      Agreed. Its not about listener numbers, AQH’s or even content. We see awful programming conrinue because of cashflow. Too bad the stations’ consumers are not educated enough to stop supporting bad radio stations.

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