Next CBS Change: Orlando?

O-Rock 105.9 WOCL Orlando

Update 12/25: Here’s a domain we missed. was registered by Intertech Media (the company that runs CBS Radio’s sites) the same day as the first batch of domains were registered. Paired with the odd registration made by CBS, we’re thinking this is the likely winner of the new format debate. In order to protect sister Hot AC WOMX, we would expect a gold leaning AC or Classic Hits.

Update 12/18: The Orlando Sentinel has picked up our report and gets a noncommittal response of speculation from local CBS executive Earnest James. The NetGnomes sometimes know more than management does.

Original Post 12/13: As Dan Mason continues his restructuring of CBS Radio, it looks as though the next change may be coming in Orlando. Modern Rocker WOCL “O-Rock 105.9” is currently the lowest rated FM in the market well behind sister Hot AC WOMX and Rhythmic CHR WJHM.

CBS has just registered a number of domains that could be put to use here.

These domains, along with a couple of the domains remaining from the WCKG change: and, could indicate a future direction for the station. Classic Hits, Country, and a Spanish format seem to be most obvious format holes in the market right now.

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