Pulse 102 Debuts In Raleigh/Durham

Update 10/31: Curtis Media officially launched “Pulse 102” at 5:00pm today with a Rhythmic leaning CHR format targeting Clear Channel CHR “G105“. Listen to the launch here.

Pulse 102 Pulse102 102.3 WWPL WWMY 102.5 WPLW WKXU Curtis Media Raleigh Durham Smithfield G105

The first hour consisted of:
Enrique Iglesias – I Like It
Far East Movement – Like A G6
Usher – OMG
The Ready Set – Love Like Woe
Eminem – Not Afraid
Sean Kingston – Letting Go
Trey Songz – Bottoms Up
Young Money – Bedrock
Taio Cruz – Dynamite
Ke$ha – Take It Off
Drake – Fancy
Nelly – Just A Dream
Jason DeRulo – In My Head
Eminem – Love The Way You Lie
Jay Sean – Do You Remember
Taio Cruz – Break Your Heart

Update 10/28: The launch of the new format on the 102.3/102.5 simulcast in Raleigh/Durham appears to be imminent. The stations are stunting with a mix of Halloween themed music, while new call letters are in place. 102.3 is now WWPL and 102.5 is WPLW. A facebook page with the attached logo states that the new format will launch on Sunday at 5:00pm. Note: The Facebook page has since been removed.

Meanwhile, Clear Channel appears to be preparing for an attack on CHR “G105” WDCG. They have registered a number of domains pointing back to WDCG’s site including: 102Pulse.com, 102ThePulse.com, 1023Pulse.com, 1023ThePulse.com, 1025Pulse.com, 1025ThePulse.com, Pulse102Sucks.com, and G105Sucks.com. Last year Curtis Media registered a number of domains similar to Clear Channel’s “Rush Radio 106.1“.

Update 10/15: Curtis has presumably decided on “Pulse 102” as the moniker of its upcoming station as it has added registrations for Pulse1023.com, Pulse1025.com, and Pulse102FM.com.

Original Post 9/26: With Curtis Media planning a pair of move-ins to cover the Raleigh/Durham market, the first domain registrations hinting at a future identity for the stations have appeared. Pulse102.com and You102.com were registered by Bryce Wilson, Curtis Media’s Director of Web Services.

The stations in question are 102.3 WWMY and 102.5 WKXU. 102.3 is in the process of moving from Goldsboro to Smithfield, NC and will cover greater Raleigh. The station currently simulcasts Classic Hits 102.9 WKIX-FM. 102.5, currently silent, is moving from Louisburg to Hillsborough, NC where it will cover the Durham and Chapel Hill portions of the market.

INSTANT INSIGHT: Based on the “You” and “Pulse” monikers, we’re expecting some form of Adult CHR or Hot AC on the stations. Doing so will place the stations in competition with Clear Channel CHR “G105” WDCG. Doing so could help Curtis’ Country 94.7 WQDR regain the top spot in many demographics from G105.

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  1. Molly says

    All I know is that 102.3 has been playing the same two songs by the Bee Gees and Taylor Swift for, like, two whole days. What’s up with that?!

  2. Kevin Grussing says

    Why does that logo give me a “Dance Music” vibe? Doesn’t look like any HotAC/AdultCHR station I’ve ever seen. Looks WAY to Dance CHRish for my tastes.

    I know it may well not be Dance, still you have to wonder…

  3. jasonharper says

    They Have also Took Down http://pulse102.com Took Down They Could Be About To Go Live! With The ite Soon

  4. jasonharper says

    streaming Link Is Up And Facebook too

  5. Robert says

    Station sounds fantastic! Great imaging and stream quality. This will take a little from G105, Kiss 93.9 and K97.5. Ballsy move by a usually conservative company. Good luck to them…that market was stale.

  6. pn says

    I know their Pulse 102 target audience is women, but this male listener loves their station! I saw the commercials on TV during American Idol on Fox 50 and I went to their site 3 to 4 days later. I’ve noticed that rival station G105 took 16 days to play Britney Spears new song in January in their lineup whereas Pulse 102 could play it right on the day of the song’s release! That 102 is right on the ball with who’s hot now versus the hesistance and reluctance of the other Raleigh/Durham pop stations! The mix of Rihanna, Usher, Gaga, Katy, Britney and several artists is so well blended without all this jarring disconnect in their lineip!

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