94.9 KYNF KRUZing Into Fayetteville, AR

Y94.9 Y94 KYNF KRUZ Cruise 94.9 Fayetteville Fort Smith Ft Arkansas

Cumulus looks to be bringing its “KRUZ” Adult Alternative format into its third market. The longtime Santa Barbara, CA outlet was joined a last month by “KRUZ 106.7” WKRU in Green Bay, WI and now is on its way to Fayetteville, AR.

Domain registrations were made for 949KRUZ.com, KRUZ949.com, KRUZat949.com, and KRUZFayetteville.com last Friday. 94.9 is currently Hot AC “Y94.9” KYNF. The format should do well in a college town like Fayetteville, home of The University of Arkansas.

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