Urban Returns To Pittsburgh

WAMO 100 WAMO100 100.1 WPYT W261AX Pittsburgh Martz

Update 5/22: 660 WPYT and 100.1 W261AX debuted their new Urban format under the aforementioned “WAMO 100” name on Saturday, May 21. The station is imaging itself as “Pittsburgh’s Home For Hip-Hop And R&B”. Additional sweepers are taking potshots at Clear Channel CHR “96.1 Kiss-FM” WKST for its use of syndicated programming and being the teen girl station. Martz registered 961KissSucks.com last week.

Update 5/15: 100.1 has begun testing its new signal in preparation of its official launch when it will be paired with 660 WPYT as “WAMO 100“. It’s currently rebroadcasting 90.5 WDUQ. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports the new format should be on the air in early June.

Update 4/24: Martz’ website for the recently launched 94.3 and 104.7 translators in Detroit list 660/100.1 as Urban under the WAMO branding. WAMO100.com was registered to Martz on March 11.

Original Report 2/20: It’s been hinted at since Martz Communications purchased 660 WPYT from Langer Broadcasting in December for $290,000, but now we have our first confirmation that the format will be returning to Pittsburgh for the first time since Sheridan Broadcasting’s cluster was sold to St. Josephs Missions in 2009.

Martz Communications has placed job postings for an Urban/Urban AC Program Director for its soon to launch Pittsburgh station. The new station will not only be heard on the 1.4KW daytimer, but also on 100.1 W261AX. That translator has recently been granted a Construction Permit to upgrade to 99 watts at 564 feet from the WDVE/WXDX tower.

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  1. Daeshawn Ballard says

    Great article and thank you for keeping us informed! Is there any contact info for the new station?

  2. Teri Swinton says

    Yes, any direct contact information for advertising and marketing opportunities for the new WAMO?

    1. Lance Venta says

      WAMO’s site will be at http://wamo100.com but it has not yet gone live. You can try contacting one of their sister stations in Detroit as well http://943thebone.com/contact.html

  3. melody jackson says

    thanks for bringing back our hip hop and r and b station, but so far all i hear is rap and mixes there is other music besides rap,please play a variety of hip hop and r and b. really appreciate the station comming back.

  4. osn says

    lol the station just started 3 days ago. they’re still workin on the studios. so in the mean time your hearin a satelitte feed from a station in san francisco til next month 😉
    and i dont expect them to have a weak signal for the months to come.
    i wonder if 92.9 wltj would flip to r&b and classic soul

    1. Lance Venta says

      The programming may be piped in from the Martz headquarters in San Francisco, but it is not a satellite feed.

      There’s not much they can do to boost the signal further. This is what they’re licensed with. It took a lot just to pigeonhole the 100.1 translator into Pittsburgh proper.

  5. osn says

    of course. im talking about gettin a LMA deal or at least a Class B signal

    1. Lance Venta says

      Don’t count on that any time soon. 660 and 100.1 were the only stations available between now and the time 106.7 flipped.

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