The Coast Is Coming To Sarasota

Santa 92.1 MyFM My FM The Coast CoastFM WLTQ Sarasota Port Charlotte Clear Channel

Update 12/26: As we’ve expected for the past two months, WLTQ has flipped to AC as “92.1 The Coast“.

Original Report 10/27: As November 1 approaches, we’re going to begin to see flips to Christmas Music begin in earnest.

One of the first places we’ll see the format appear as a bridge to a format change is in Sarasota, FL. Clear Channel registered and is currently in the midst of building a new site for what is now Hot AC “92.1 My-FM” WLTQ.

The registration was made at the same time as a few other domains that indicate the demise of current Hot AC format after the holidays in favor of a Mainstream AC approach. The registration was made along with ones for,, and

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  1. Joseph says

    The website is up, and on the “browser” (where you sometimes see the name of the website, just above the address bar), you can see “WLTQ-IP”.

    So it is coming.

    Probably next Tuesday (November 1st).

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